jam transit headphones not charging?

I will show you different ways how to troubleshoot and fix your wireless or Bluetooth headphone not charging issues, I already faced such an issue before with my Bluetooth headset and fixed it but since I am trying to take all possible causes behind such a problem I decided to type this tutorial so you can solve this issue yourself easily no matter what your Bluetooth headphone type or brand is.

Why Your Bluetooth Headphones Won’t Charge
  • Headset has a faulty a battery. …
  • The headphones haven’t been charged in a while. …
  • The charging cable is faulty. …
  • There may be a problem with the charging port. …
  • Charge directly to a power outlet and not a USB hub. …
  • See if there are any debris in the port. …
  • Try a different charging cable.

FIGURED OUT – JBL Headphones won’t charge – BUT THEY ARE NOT BROKEN !!

FIGURED OUT – JBL Headphones won’t charge – BUT THEY ARE NOT BROKEN !!

Keep the headphones connected to the charger for a few hours If the headphones haven’t been charged for a long time, try keeping them plugged in for a few hours. Even if the battery isn’t fully charged when you take them off, they should have received an adequate enough charge in that time.

Possible Causes Behind Why My Bluetooth Headset Not Being Charged?

  • Headset Faulty Battery: The rechargeable batteries in your wireless headphone might be defective by the manufacturer so if this is the first time you are trying to charge your headphone you could think of this possible cause.
  • Long Time Headphone Batteries Not Being Charged: If your Bluetooth headphone was kept for a very long time without charging this could reduce the battery life or drive it to death this is what is called Over Discharged, so maybe if this is the case you should also put this possibility in mind.
  • Faulty Charging Cables: Bluetooth charging cables are also commonly the reason behind the batteries not being charged well or not being charged at all, you should expect that as well.
  • Faulty or Malfunctioning Charging Ports: This is a very common reason behind Bluetooth headset batteries not being charged, sometimes we think that the charging cable has defected but unfortunately, the charging port or socket that the charging cable is connected to has physical damage.
  • Low or High Charging Environments: Extreme low or high temperatures environments have a very negative impact on your headset batteries as well as your headphone electronics, this could lead to your batteries either not being fully charged, slow charging, or batteries malfunctioning, so the best environment to charge your batteries is when you feel comfortable in your environment while charging your Bluetooth headset, in other words, we can say a temperature range from 5 °C – 35 °C (41 °F – 95 °F) is perfect to charge your Bluetooth headsets batteries.
  • Here are 14 simple steps on how to fix your Bluetooth headphone whose batteries are not being charged problem:wireless-headphones-not-charging-troubleshooting

  • Check Your Computer Status: If you are charging your wireless headphone by your computer via the USB charging cable you need to be sure that your PC/laptop is turned ON if your PC/laptop is turned OFF then there will be no power source to charge your Bluetooth battery . If your computer status changed to hibernating the charging will not work properly.
  • An indirect connection such as via a USB hub: Charging will not be working properly.
  • Try Charging Using Wall Faceplate Power Source: Try this option after trying different USB ports on your PC just to be sure whether an issue exists with your computer USB port.
  • Check the entry points (headphones and power source): Whether it is clear of any debris or dirt, as this could prevent clear communication between the two devices.
  • Check that the USB is correctly inserted: Into the headphones and power source ports.
  • Try Different USB Charging Cable: If you have another USB cable that is suitable to connect to your Bluetooth charging port just to clarify whether the issue is from your current charging cable.
  • Check your headphone charging port: Make sure that the charging port is function properly and not loose or damaged, maybe inside the headset it is broken and this commonly happens especially if your headphone is not branded by using this port every time you are charging it the port might get broken from inside. (Learn how to fix the Bluetooth charging port Micro USB)
  • Keep the Bluetooth headphone connected to the charging source: If your headset hasn’t been charged and used for a very long time (over-discharged condition), most likely you will not sense a charging indication in the battery, thus you need to keep the Bluetooth headphone connected to the charging power source for a long time you might see the battery is beginning to charge again.
  • Ambient temperature exceeds the charging temperature range: If you are charging your headphone battery within an environment temperature of more than the charging temperature range of 5 °C – 35 °C (41 °F – 95 °F) then this could be the reason why it is not being charged.
  • Your Bluetooth Headphone Might Be In Programming Mode: Some Bluetooth headsets have a programming mode, that accidentally might be turned on, do not worry about that, a simple fix can be applied by re-plugging your headset into your computer and repairing it again.
  • For Logitech gaming headphone style: If it is showing a solid amber light all the time does not pulse, it doesn’t turn off, and not being charging anymore. A simple trick might make your day, while plugged in, rapidly turn the unit on and off over and over again. somehow it tricks the little brain to reset itself after a few 10’s on/offs. the headset will start charging and connects like normal.
  • Hard Resetting Your Bluetooth Headphones: Sometimes Resetting your Bluetooth Headset can solve issues you do not think it could solve, batteries that are not being charged are one of those issues.
  • Updating Your Bluetooth Headphone Firmware: Some Wireless or Bluetooth headsets have updatable firmware which by updating it can solve issues like its batteries not being charing.
  • Maybe You Are Having a Different Problem: You might be having a different problem where the battery is fully charged but the headset is not working (To learn more check this STEP).
  • Headphones won’t turn on even after charging? what to do? is my battery dead?

    If you discovered that your wireless headset’s battery seems dead then you need to double-check that before taking an action by following the below:skullcandy wireless headset not charging

  • Normally the headphones use lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.
  • The first time charging new batteries should be at least 8 continuous hours even if the battery shows it is charged, the first time you use it you should consume all charged capacity.
  • Around 4 hours is the time required for charging the empty battery to its full capacity.
  • While you are charging the Bluetooth headset and the battery keeps on getting high temperature more than 35 °C (95 °F) and not being charged properly every time then you need to replace the battery.
  • The battery may quickly be depleted if your Bluetooth headset is not being used for a long time, however, after a few recharges the battery life will improve.
  • Avoid exposing your Bluetooth headset to temperature extremes, direct sunlight, sand, moisture, dust, or mechanical shock as this will reduce the lifetime and/or performance of its battery.
  • To avoid over-discharge battery status while storing your wireless headphone for a long time, charge the battery to its full capacity once every 6 months.
  • The lifetime of any rechargeable batteries around 500 times (full charges / full discharges) so if you feel the life of the built-in rechargeable battery drops significantly during normal usage, this means the battery should be replaced with a new one.
  • Do not keep your headphone batteries always-on charging after it is fully charged cause this will reduce the batteries’ performance lifetime.
  • If you’ve checked all the descriptions and points/steps above and still your wireless headphone is not charging then you need definitely to check the Micro USB charging port of it and fix it accordingly as below:

    The micro USB’s miniature connectors are probably broken off or there is a crack in their solder that makes the disconnection with the circuit board hence accordingly there will be no possibility to charge the Bluetooth headset battery. (Please refer to the below to see the micro USB from the board side inside of the headphone)

    jam transit headphones wont charge

    To fix this you need to take the headset apart by removing the cushion pad away and open all screws to see the circuit board just like in the above and solder the connecting 5 pins back (or you can simply without using any additional solder just use the soldering tool to melt the existing pins solder thus will link back the pins to the board and close the crack.

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