Is Tinder really worth the time spent on swiping? What are your experiences?

Yes, Tinder is worth it if you’re open to interacting with people who are looking for casual dating or hookups. However, if you’re looking for a long-term relationship, Tinder is possibly more hard work than it’s worth.

Tinder Gold Review: Is It Worth it?

1 – Most Popular App Means More Chances to Meet Girls

That’s more than the entire population of a country like Spain.

My favorite reason why you should use Tinder: Everyone is using it.

It means there will be more women on the platform than on any other.

It means there will be more girls who might swipe right on you.

But, while the female to male ratio seems higher on other apps, there are still way more women using Tinder overall.

In fact, I’ve been trying other apps since the beginning of the year and they really can’t compete.

While I get at least 6 matches a day on Tinder, I get 6 matches… a month on Hinge.

There just arent enough users to compete.

Let’s have a look at the stats our scientists came up with.

is tinder really worth it

There is no actual point trying to niche down on some obscure app if everyone is already using Tinder.

The more girls on the app, the more chances you get to meet someone.

If you use an app that has 5 times more users, it means there are 5 times more people potentially liking your profile.

You have 5 times more chances to get somebody else interested.

is tinder really worth it

We found a study that shows 15 to almost 20% of every man in the US is using Tinder regularly right now.

You have the most chances to meet someone if proportionally more people are using an app.

Verdict: More people on Tinder means more potential matches and dates.

Years ago, using a dating site meant paying to talk with someone.

Most apps nowadays are free but you can always buy premium features to make the most of them.

Is Tinder worth it if you consider paying for more features?

Currently, on Tinder, you can buy Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, and Tinder Platinum.

So let’s have a look at those paid features and compare them with the other top apps.

What is Tinder Plus?

Tinder Plus is the cheapest subscription and here is what you get :

  • Unlimited Likes.>
  • A Boost per month.>
  • More control over what your profile shows (for privacy).>
  • Passport Feature, to swipe in any city.>
  • Five Super Likes per day.>
  • Rewinds, to undo your last swipe.>
  • No ads.>
  • The pricing is sketchy, it changes depending on where you are in the world and whether you’re below 30.

    But it is about 5 bucks per month.

    My favorite thing about it is the Passport Feature because I can pretend to be anywhere in the world I like.

    I can swipe and match with girls in any location.

    is tinder really worth it

    The last time I traveled back to my hometown I lined up 7 dates in a single weekend.

    What is Tinder Gold?

    Tinder Gold gives you all the benefits of Tinder Plus and adds 2 more :

  • The ability to see who likes you.>
  • Access to the Top Picks, which are a selection of the hottest profiles in your area.>
  • Again the prices here change depending on who is buying.

    It starts at around $15 per month.

    That’s roughly the price of a movie ticket per month.

    It can be good for guys who have a lot of matches and no time to swipe.

    We also ran an experiment and figured out that Tinder Gold profiles seem to get more matches.

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