Is there any way at all for shen to cancel his ult? : Shen


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Flash will cancel it, and it can be worth it if finishing the ult would result in your death as well. It can also be worth it if they literally only needed your shield to get a kill and you want to stay in lane to keep farming rather than let the enemy kill your tower. Also if youre in the team fight, just want to shield them, and still want to immediately get on a target that your teammate isnt near (ulti friend, flash towards enemy carry and taunt).

Teleport has an interesting effect depending on when you cast it. One possibility is that you shield your target, never appear there, and instead teleport to a different location. They still get the full effect of your shield. If cast where they both end at the same time, you will provide the shield but youll stay exactly where you are, never teleporting anywhere. This can be useful if you decided a little bit late that it was a bad idea to ulti in and you planned on teleporting somewhere else anyway (say you just went back to heal up and planned on teleporting to lane).

Cleanse does not stop ult (can cast during ult) Zhonyas Hourglass does not work (cant cast it during ult) Quick Silver Sash does not stop ult (can cast during ult) Ghost does not stop ult (can cast during ult)

Besides kindly asking an enemy to stun/fear/knock you up (etc), I do not believe there is a way to stop you from teleporting to an ally, possibly part to how game changing Shens ult is, and how Riot wouldnt want you to accidentally not save an ally or that it wouldnt fit with the theme of “standing united”.

You cant cancel with Esc, movement, or clicking skills. Could always go smack baron and hope he knocks you up before you finish i suppose.

from what ive tested, you can cancel it by using flash(not really worth it) or getting stunned, feared, or knocked up. none of his other skills will cancel it. I havent tested ghost or teleport.

I have managed to cancel it by accident a numerous of times while frantically clicking like a maniac and spamming taunt in advance.

Any movement will cancel the ult. Just right-click to move in any direction and Nunus ult will be canceled. Flash and Teleport will also cancel the ult.

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