Is there any symbol for infinity in a phone keyboard?

Symbols that are hidden in keyboard on Android L

How to Make an Infinity Symbol On Android

Because of its meaning, the infinity symbol is also often used by couples who are in love. They can be seen either in wedding rings or in tattoos. Infinity, in this case, becomes a symbol or a promise to love each other until the end of their lives and beyond. The infinity symbol, in this context, symbolizes eternity.

∞♾️ Infinity symbol

Configure your keyboard layout in Windows so that you can type all additional symbols you want as easy as any other text. Takes about 5-10 minutes to set things up, but youll be typing like a boss. You can assign infinity symbol ∞ and any other text characters to your keyboard using this technique.

You can make frequently used technical non-fancy symbols like “√ ∑ π ∞ ∆ ™ © æ £ ¢” and åccénted letters on Mac using [Option] key. Ive compiled a list of shortcuts in my article and explained how to open keyboard viewer. You can also use your Keyboard Viewer as an alternative to my list.

Infinity symbol created by John Wallis in 1655 refers to things without any limit, ad infinitum, perpetual. Usually is used in mathematics or physics to express that some things have no limit. For example, set of natural numbers has no limit and could be expressed by infinity ∞ sign. Infinity is designated as the symbol because it was imagined as a special variation of ouroborus snake – an ancient symbol depicting a serpent or dragon biting its own tail.

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