Is Seeking Arrangement Safe in 2022? – Protect Yourself Now!

Yes, overall Seeking is a legitimate dating site. Like many dating sites out there, you will find scammers, bots, and inactive accounts. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about that.

Seeking Arrangement Review [Is Seeking Arrangement Legit?]

How can I delete my Seeking Arrangement account and cancel my subscription?

  • Has around 10 million active members all over the world
  • USA tops the list of the most number of members
  • 80% of the total members are sugar babies; 20% are sugar daddies/mommas
  • The allowed maximum number of sugar babies for each sugar daddy/mommy is four
  • SeekingArrangement is a niche dating site that targets specific users. Since it is not a general dating site, some people who stumble upon it accidentally might be put off by its concept. However, it does a great job of offering a safe environment for the kind of relationship and connection that it encourages. Also, its surprising to see that for a site that has a very specific concept, it has a lot of members worldwide.

    Unlike the popular misconception, not all sugar daddies/mommas seek for a sexual relationship. Some are just into having someone to take care of and vice versa. Its the same with sugar babies, its not all about the monetary allowances.

    The site is composed of two main roles that members play:

    A Sugar Daddy, or a “Successful Member” as the site calls them, is defined as a modern gentleman with a refined taste. He has exceptional experiences and abundant resources, someone who looks for someone to share his extraordinary life with and lifestyle. Most of all, he is eager to create a meaningful relationship and experiences.

    On the other hand, there is the Sugar Baby, or “Attractive Member” as the site calls them. She is defined as an empowered individual with exquisite taste and an appetite for a relationship. Call her anything, but she wants to be filled with new experiences and has a desire for a taste of the good life. She does not let herself get constrained by traditional definitions of relationships but believes in its modern interpretation. She is seeking to create a connection on her own terms and is open in expanding her horizons, desires and goals. She is ambitious and appreciates the value of finding a “Successful Member” who can be a confidante, friend, and lover. Females Males

    New members at Seeking Arrangement in May 2022 in comparison

    Here you can see how membership figures at Seeking Arrangement are developing compared to others

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  • Arno*** 40 years 23.01.2021 It is scam pure and simple. They allow picture and video seller to operate freely. These scam artists have no intention of meeting. They want to swind… le men out of as much as they can. Same goes for the women who want you to send them a prepaid gift care “to prove that you are serious”. SA did not allow this type of behavior when it began but over time the just sank into the gutter. Lastly SA itself uses fake profile to send you messages and to “favorite” you all in the hopes that it will entice you to waste another monthly membership fee. It is hard to believe that SA had the nerve to actually raise their rates too. With the service that they provide they should be paying you! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY ON SEEKING ARRANGEMENTS. «»>
  • The *** 46 years 07.01.2021 Great looking site, easy to navigate and lots of beautiful profiles. Thats where the good news stops. Most profiles appear to be fake. At first the g… irls wheel you in by seeking contact themselves and have the friendliest of chats, to the point of aggreeing to a date. Most of them then just ghost you. A day later you see the same girl having another profile. Of course, the receiving of messages in the wildest hours of the night, should have been a give-away. Im pretty sure this is coordinated by the company itself. This is the case in 100% of the classy model-like profiles. Some of the lesser profiles however appear to be real and dating is possible. But note that you dont get the 10s, 9s or even 8s.So, if youre up for a date with a 6 the steep monthly fee is ok. On the other hand youd be cheaper of booking an escort. «»>
  • arth*** 50 years 29.09.2020 It is a waste of money. Site is full of scammers and women who want to sell pics and videos. Something that was not allowed back when seeking was wort… h a damn. And lets not mention their bots who tag you as a favorite in an effort to get you to sign up. I must have been favorited by 100s of bots from central america. they are worse than ashley madison. «»>
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