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OkCupid Review – Is okCupid worth it in 2022?

OkCupid Basic & Premium – Is Upgrading Worth It? [Updated 2021]

You live in a sparsely populated area. If there aren’t a lot of users in your area, you probably won’t need the paid features to find people who intrigue you. Stick to using OkCupid for free, or if you’re not getting good results there switch to a free location-based dating app like Tinder or Bumble instead.

It’s also likely not worth paying for OkCupid if you don’t log on very often. Instead of paying a monthly fee for a dating site you don’t have time to check frequently, spend the money on adating service instead. You’ll go on dates with interesting, attractive people without the hassle of having to find them yourself.

Is OKCupid Premium Worth It in 2022? —

However, with other sites like Tinder and Bumble, which are just as free to use and have conquered the younger markets, OkCupid competes by targeting a slightly older demographic and presenting them with the option to use the app for free while having the added but optional convenience of paying for premium added services.

eHarmony is the go-to site for serious dating and finding long term relationships. They’re a massive player on the market, boasting more than 29 million members in the US alone. It has extensive data showing a large number of people who were successfully matched up into long-term relationships. As a result, they claim that their site is involved in 2% of all marriages in the United States.

Another possible shortcoming of the app is the type and number of questions being used to match you with other people. There are 5000 questions to choose and after answering 10 or 20, some might start to feel a little discouraged by the sheer number of questions they are being asked. Of course, you are free to skip as many questions as you want as long as you answer a minimum of 15.

While OkCupid or eHarmony will ask you personality-type questions to measure your compatibility with others, on AFF the questions center around sexual preferences, sexual activities, and fantasies. However, hookup sites like AFF are known for having a large number of bots and fake profiles ready to catfish you at a moment’s notice. A quick search online will show many blog topics asking if AFF is a legit site or a scam. Truth is, it’s a little bit of both. You can probably find some real people to date but you just need to be smart about it. Watch out for bots and learn how to recognize a catfish.

Some questions present themselves as light and not very serious: “Would you rather go to the beach or the forest?”, or “Are you a dog or a cat person?”. Some people might not know how to choose which questions they want to make public, how important these questions are to matching them with others, and should questions like that really play a role in measuring your compatibility with someone else?

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