Is it bad that I get jealous when my boyfriend chooses his mother over me?

My Boyfriend Always Chooses His Parents Over Me | This Morning

Signs That Your Husband Is a Mama’s Boy

When your mother-in-law insists on remaining the top person in her sons life, it can feel like theres no way to become his number one. To know if youre dealing with a mamas boy, look for these signs:

  • His mothers wish is his command. If she wants him to run an errand, take her to the doctor, eat with her, etc., he always obliges regardless of your wants.
  • He wants daily or nearly daily contact with his mom, either via phone or in person.
  • He always chooses her over his spouse or children.
  • He never moved far away from his mom, or even still lives with her.
  • He has trouble making decisions without his mom.
  • He expects you to take care of him in the same ways that she does.
  • He has financial ties to his mother, which keeps him on a short leash with her expectations.
  • If youve recognized these signs, dont panic—there are plenty of ways to build a healthier relationship with your husband (and his mother) moving forward.

    He said he’ll always choose his mom over me…? : relationships

    I (26f) got into a huge argument with my boyfriend (38m) last night. He’s living with his mom right now and I was pushing him to move out (with me). I called him clingy and he threw a fit, told me he thinks I’ll try to make him choose between his widowed mom and me. What hurt me the most is he said he’ll always choose his mom over me, I’ll never win.

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