Is February 19 a Pisces or Aquarius?

The intrepid Pisces born on February 19 is eager to learn. They are restless, eccentrically spiritual, and emotionally fragile. Charming and attractive, they are also easily managed by others.

February 19th Zodiac Horoscope Birthday Personality – Pisces – Part 1

Basic Understanding of Zodiac Signs

There are mainly 3 types of astrology but the most common one is western astrology which is used all around the world. This western astrology consists of 12 zodiac signs each with thirty-degree sectors that make up the 360-degree orbit around the sun.

The 12 zodiac signs are based on the 4 elements of nature which are:

While the two elements fire and air are in the positive polarity earth and water are in the negative polarity. These elements act as the energy substance of experience. The positive polarity mainly defines masculinity, expressiveness, and ying while the negative polarity mainly defines femininity, receptiveness, and yang. The elements and the modality provide the sign with unique characteristics.

A lot of studies and extensive research under different categories related to astrology are done to provide this kind of information. But not many people believe in it and counter research has been done with regards to the zodiac sign and their representation being inaccurate. In the end, it is all about perception and what one believes. Being represented with a zodiac sign is inevitable but to believe in the information and the things that are said about it is a choice whether one wants to accept it or not.

Before we understand the cusp of zodiac signs let us see the information available on these two zodiac signs which form a cusp.

Aquarius the Water Bearer

  • Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign originating from the Greek constellation Aquarius.
  • The zodiac element of this sign is air which means it has a positive polarity.
  • The Aquarius is a winter constellation.
  • The traditional sign ruler is Saturn while the modern sign ruler is Uranus.
  • The dates of the Aquarius are January 20th to February 19th.
  • To understand more about his zodiac sign one can go to several different pages and find out about it. There is a Greek mythological story behind this which is a must-read for all zodiac enthusiasts out there.

    Pisces the Fish

  • Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign originating from the ancient Greek word Ikhthyes and it is the final zodiac sign.
  • The zodiac element of this sign is water which means it has a negative polarity.
  • The traditional sign ruler of this zodiac sign is Jupiter but the modern sign ruler of this zodiac sign is Neptune.
  • This zodiac sign is more complex compared to Aquarius.
  • The dates of Pisces are from February 19th to March 20th.
  • The symbol of this zodiac sign is derived from the Greek mythological story where Ichthyocentaurs helped Aphrodite when she was born from the sea. Presently there is a lot of debate going between the zodiac sign of Aquarius and Pisces. While some believe that this is the Age of Pisces others believe that this is the Age of Aquarius. One can observe that February 19th ends in Aquarius and begins in Pisces. For a long period, there was confusion about whether to consider this date under the category of Aquarius or Pisces. The answer to this question is finally out. Let us understand this in detail.

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