Is Bumble Boost Worth It? (2022) Bumble Boost Review —

Is Bumble Boost Worth It? Upgrading the dating app is worth it if you don’t check the app daily. The ability to get an additional day or rematch with expired matches could mean the difference between making a connection and striking out completely.

Is Bumble Boost Worth it? Boost vs Premium in 2022

Is Bumble Boost Worth It? (2022) Bumble Boost Review —

If you’re a busy person who lives in a big city, Bumble Boost is definitely appealing. It saves you time by helping you see at a glance who’s already matched with you, and it means you don’t need to spend forever wading through piles of profiles. But, if you live in a smaller area and you usually check Bumble a few times a day, Bumble Boost will have less appeal.

The best thing to do is to give it a a test-drive by using it for a week or a month at first. Then, if things aren’t working out, you can easily just switch back to the free version. If things are working out, you could consider locking yourself into a 3 month or 6-month subscription.

Bumble boost costs depends on the duration of your membership. They allow you to try it for a week, a month, 3 months, and 5 months. The longer you subscribe for, the cheaper subscription will get. Bear in mind that Bumble Boost’s prices change often. When it was first launched, it cost as much as $9.99 per month.

Bumble Boost also comes with a feature called Busy Bee, which allows you to extend the amount of time you have with a match before they expire. Again, it’s ideal for daters who are busy bees and who may not have the time to say “hey” to a match before they vanish.

People who upgrade to Bumble Boost often do so to get more matches. Because the feature shows you exactly who’s already liked you, it can certainly increase your chances of matching with someone. And because it shows you, everyone who’s liked you, there’s every chance you’ll match with at least a handful of people you probably wouldn’t have come across if you were just using the free version.

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