Ignoring A Gemini Man Won’t Make Him Chase You, But THIS Will!

How to Make a Gemini Man Miss You

Six Common Reasons Why A Gemini Man Might Ignore You

ignore gemini man miss you

After an almost relationship with a Gemini male species, I realized that I was the one to blame for it.

I refused to accept the truth that they weren’t that interested in me in the first place, and that’s the main reason why they started ignoring me all of a sudden.

Through time, I’ve also learned that when a guy ignores you, be it a Gemini guy, Aquarius, Aries, Scorpio, Taurus, you name it, this is the most common reason why they do it.

But, we’re often unwilling to accept the truth, so we keep finding excuses for their behavior. By doing that, we keep living in an illusion instead of reality.

Today is the day when you’ll accept the truth. If a Gemini man is ignoring you, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself: Is he really interested in me (or was he)?

There are plenty of body language signs that indicate that a man likes you, but a lack of effort is one of the biggest red flags that he’s not interested in you.

If you have noticed that, then you have the answer to your question.

ignore gemini man miss you

It is also possible that he’s ignoring you because he became distracted. He might have been busy with work, parties, or other activities that he found entertaining.

It’s really fascinating how they get distracted so easily by a new person.

One thing is for sure: When a Gemini gets distracted, it will be a real challenge to win their attention again. Double texting him or calling him 24/7 won’t work. It will only make things worse.

The only way to win his attention again is to have your own life and show him that you’re having more fun than him! Once he sees that, he will crave to be a part of your world full of fun and exciting things. Yup.

ignore gemini man miss you

He might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed. This is one of the most common reasons why men pull away early stages.

In order to find out if he’s feeling overwhelmed, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Have you recently revealed the deep feelings you have for him? Have you showered him with affection a bit more than usual?

Maybe all this made him feel overwhelmed by his own feelings for you, so he decided that ignoring you at the moment is the best option. Maybe this is all too soon and too much for him.

If that is the case, you need to slow things down if you don’t want him to run away from you for good.

ignore gemini man miss you

I know for a fact that if a Virgo is ignoring you, they are 100% upset. But, if a Gemini is ignoring you, it could be either that they are feeling hurt or upset.

The only way to find out the truth is to reflect on past events. Have you done something that made them hurt or upset?

Did you argue about something lately or have some complications in your relationship, almost relationship, (or whatever-ship you’re in at the moment)?

When a Gemini is feeling hurt, they will automatically shut you out because they don’t know how to deal with such powerful emotions.

They might contact you when they become ready or wait for you to make the first move.

ignore gemini man miss you

I understand how painful this might be for you, but if you have just started dating, chances are that he’s still seeing other people. Have you ever talked about being exclusive?

If not, then you’re not exclusive. As always, the math is simple here, but we just have this tendency to complicate things for no reason.

He might be seeing other people because he’s still unsure as to whether he wants to be exclusive with you. Maybe he just needs more time to make a decision.

Pushing him to choose between you or others will not bring you anything good. The best bet is to leave him be, but also don’t let him make you wait too long.

ignore gemini man miss you

He might just be being a Gemini. No matter how frustrating and unpromising it sounds, perhaps there’s no particular reason why he’s ignoring you. Maybe he’s doing it just because he’s a legit Gemini.

He wants to see your reaction once he stops texting you or calling you. Geminis don’t play games, they just test you. They want to see how compatible the two of you are.

So, if you show him that you’re too needy, he will not see you as a potential romantic partner (in case you just started dating). Pay attention to how you respond to his ignoring. Be clever. Be wise.

ignore gemini man miss you

You’ve been thinking a lot about all the possible reasons why he is ignoring you, and maybe you still haven’t figured it out. You feel furious, mad, and disappointed. You need answers and you need them NOW!

Or, you just want to give him a taste of his own medicine. You want him to feel the same way as you.

After thinking about all the potential pros and cons of ignoring a man in general, let’s say that you still decide to ignore a Gemini male. So, what happens when you start ignoring him?

Why Playing Hard To Get Won’t Really Work With A Gemini

ignore gemini man miss you

Ignoring a Gemini male won’t give you the same results as if you ignored other men like Pisces, Capricorn, or Libra. The same thing applies to Gemini women. Every relationship astrologer will tell you that.

In other words, ignoring a Gemini man won’t make him impressed; it will make him feel annoyed.

He will suspect that you’re playing games with him and we’ve already established that they HATE mind games (one of the most popular Gemini man secrets).

He may start making assumptions about why you’re suddenly ignoring him, and he may think that you’re not that into him after all (or that you met someone else).

Once he gets tired of all that thinking and overthinking, chances are that he’ll decide to move on with his life.

Geminis crave attention, and if they see that you don’t have time for that, they will think that you’re not a good match. The bottom line is: Don’t ignore him to get his attention, but do the following!

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