If you immediately unmatch someone on Tinder, will they still be notified?

The person you unmatch from won’t be notified, but you’ll disappear from each other’s Match lists. Once you’ve unmatched from someone on Tinder, they won’t appear in your feed anymore.

What Does It Mean If A Conversation Disappears On Tinder?

Can the other person tell you unmatched them? (What do they see?)

In a word: no. They don’t get a notification.

You do disappear from their matches, but there’s no way for them to be 100% sure you unmatched. (It’s plausible, for instance, that you deleted your Tinder account altogether or that the disappearance was caused by a Tinder glitch.)

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Strategy 1: Dumb Stuff

This is the domain of “hey” and “did it hurt when you fell out of Heaven?” If anyone managed to start a real relationship with any of these openers, it was because the other person had actually fallen a great distance, injured themselves, accidentally opened Tinder while waiting for the ambulance, and couldn’t read what the other person had said and just assumed it was something wonderful. Alternately, maybe the other party was caught in their feelings at that moment and responded out of profoundly deep-seated sense of pity. Neither of those are reliable foundations on which to build a romantic relationship. Just trust us here.

Other than “hey” and some of the more obviously dumb cliches, what kinds of openers are in this section? Usually, these are the worst-of-the-worst semi-clever openers served up at Tinder strategy communities like /r/Tinder on Reddit. “Titanic” (because it’s a good icebreaker, get it? Get it?) is probably the king of these. Someone, somewhere probably considers these funny, but really, realistically and practically speaking…no.

The timing of your opening line for Strategy 1 is pretty much irrelevant since the line is going to be trash no matter when it’s delivered.Woman in Blue Suit Jacket

Strategy 2: Play it Safe

Wait a minute, didn’t we just finish telling you that you had to do well from the beginning? Why on Earth would you want to play it safe? The reason is this: because sometimes a Tinder bio doesn’t give you the information you need to do a good high-yield opener, and a badly-aimed opener is an even greater disaster than that whole “Titanic” thing. Given the choice between a safe but not terrible opener that will at least keep your conversation viable, and the chance of your first line being absolute garbage, playing it safe is sometimes the correct path to follow.

In addition, your own personality traits and aptitudes play a big role in what your ideal strategy. If you are perpetually tongue-tied or shy, then opening with a risque double-entendre about the sexual meaning of your match’s name may not be a viable strategy for you, no matter how hilarious she would find such a (well-delivered) line. You can’t deliver it well, so it’s not in your list of options.

These “good but not great openers” are the workhorses of the Tinder users who have swiped right on thousands or tens of thousands of people and engaged in endless iterations of these same opening conversations. In general, if you are going with Strategy 2 you don’t want to immediately initiate the conversation when you get the notification. Rather, let an hour or two go by, so as to give the impression that you are one of the elite Tinder users capable of turning the app off for at least short periods of time.

Here are the kinds of openers that work well with Strategy 2.

Openers related to her photos:

  • “It looks like your trip to Jerusalem was amazing! What a great opportunity!”
  • “I love the photo of the dog. I’ve had dogs my entire life. What’s this pupper’s story?”
  • “The beach in Acapulco? I’m jealous! How long ago was the trip?”
  • “You and your friends were having such a good time, was that Club _____ in the ______ district?”
  • “I’ve never seen anyone so pretty in a hockey uniform before.”
  • “Not to be too forward, but that picture of you in the red dress literally took my breath away.”
  • Generic compliments:

    Sometimes the photos just don’t have the specifics you need. A sincere and original compliment is always the best way to praise, but failing that, a sincere and generic compliment will get the job done.

  • “I think you’re the prettiest woman on Tinder.”
  • “(Her Name), you have the most beautiful eyes on this planet.”
  • “I know I already swiped right, but I have to tell you, you’re just crazy attractive.”
  • Sincere inquiries about boring topics:

  • “I can’t believe it’s already Monday. Did you have a good weekend?”
  • “Your bio says you were just in Wisconsin. How did that go?”
  • “I’m excited that you went to Northwestern! My kid/brother/sister/friend/etc might go there, how did you like it?”
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