If the microphones on your iPhone aren’t working

What to Do When There’s No Audio on FaceTime. Check that you haven’t muted your microphone. It’s quite probable that the person you’re speaking with has accidentally muted their microphone (by inadvertently tapping on the microphone icon). To rectify this issue, ask them to check and tap their microphone icon.

FIX: Microphone Not working on FaceTime iPad!

Fix FaceTime Microphone Problems [updated 2022]

We work hard to make our tools run locally on your device since avoiding sending data over the internet is more secure. Sometimes however this is not optimal or possible for tools which for example require high processing power, display maps aware of your current location, or allow you to share data.

After starting the test, speak loudly in your microphone and if it is working you’ll see colored sound waves appear and fade away. If your microphone is not working, you’ll see an error message. In that case you can check out the instructions to fix microphone issues specific to your device or application.

Our online tools which execute locally on your device dont need to send your data (your files, your audio or video data, etc.) over the internet. All the work is done locally by the browser itself, making these tools very fast and secure. To achieve this we use HTML5 and WebAssembly, a form of code that is run by the browser itself allowing our tools to execute at near-native speed.

Top 11 Fixes for FaceTime Audio Not Working on iPhone and iPad

In case resetting network settings also doesn’t help, you will have to reset all settings on your device. Again, this will not delete any personal data. However, it will reset most of the settings to their default values. Learn more about what happens when you reset settings on iPhone and iPad.

Often, we think that there is some major issue with FaceTime, and we overlook the simple things. If you cannot hear the other person’s audio, you should check the volume level of your iPhone or iPad. Make sure it isn’t too low. Use the physical Volume up button on your device to increase the audio level.

We hope one of the above solutions would have fixed the problem of FaceTime audio not working on iPhone and iPad. If the problem doesn’t go away, do not worry. You should check general solutions for FaceTime not working on iPhone and iPad. That might also come in handy to fix the problem.

Once you are sure that FaceTime audio is supported for your iPhone, you don’t need to fiddle with any setting. Just do a simple reboot to fix FaceTime audio issues. Save whatever you are doing and restart your iPhone or iPad. Try calling through FaceTime after the restart and see if the audio issue is fixed or not.

Since you are facing an audio issue in FaceTime, you should rule out the fact that there might be some problem with the microphone itself. Check and verify if the microphone is working for other apps. Make a regular call or an internet call through any calling app and see if you face the same issue or not.

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