If a girl ignores your texts for days, does that mean that she is not into you?

There are a variety of reasons why a girl could be ignoring your texts. If you flirt with a girl and she isn’t interested, she may not text back. She may also be busy at work, with her social life, with her family, or with something else.

6 Reasons She’s Ignoring Your Texts All Of A Sudden

#1: The road to nowhere

Make the next hugely common mistake and you won’t ever get her on the date.

Most guys picking up women are like dogs chasing a car.

They don’t know what to do with a girl if they have her attention.

In seduction, the goal is clear: meet up.

But few dudes know how to set up the date.

So they keep the conversation going in the hopes that a miracle happens.

But today, an angel is finally watching over your shoulder.

Next, read a prime example of leading the conversation nowhere.

(It’s an actual conversation one of my students showed me on his first day.) Saraaaaaaaaaaah! Hey Cute photos Thx

Good, you? Bad people are always doing good Haha So tell me, what does a cute girl like you do? Study, see friends, volleyball, work and watch series You? Cool. I love girls with passions It definitely looks like you have the body of a fit girl. I do *your job here* I wouldn’t call myself a fit girl. But I think sports is cool Sports IS cool! Yep

Where the conversation is headed.

Now for the next reason why she’s ignoring your texts.

#2: Your texts are a turnoff

You may be cute, but if you text like an uggo, she isn’t interested.

What does it mean to text like an ugly person?

To put it simply:

When you text like a child.

Have you ever heard a woman say, “I just think of you as a friend”?

Then you probably acted too childish or feminine around her.

If you don’t want to be her ghey best friend, you want to turn up your man-dial to beastmode.

Before you turn into Chad Thundercock, let’s show you what not to do.

  • Immature language. Keep away from internet slang, unless it’s clear you’re making a joke.
  • That’s so kewl Wutever C u l8err

  • 1. Pore spellink. If grammar and spelling isn’t your strong suit, educate yourself. A bad grasp of English is a big turnoff.
  • 2. Never-ending sentences. Coming across a sentence that never comes to an end is just plain frustrating because I can never catch my breath and it’s like I’m almost about to pass out.
  • 3. Non-stop emojis. Don’t use them unless your message is impossible to understand without one.
  • Emojis are so fun lol But when I put them behind every sentence I seem like a 9-year-old girl who just finished a box of poptarts

    If you start your sentences with capital letters and don’t make the above mistakes, you’re good to go.

    #3: You trigger the wrong emotions

    If you don’t know how to make jokes without an emoji or ‘haha’, you’re in trouble. At the store haha Doing the dishes haha I can’t stop myself from ending every sentence with ‘haha’, please I need help haha

    If she asks you: What’s up?

    And you reply: I just came back from the gym haha

    Here’s a golden piece of advice:

    Adding ‘haha’ or an emoji to every sentence does NOT magically make your text funny.

    A student and avid ‘haha’-user told me he felt the laugh made him seem more chill.

    But to the TextGod team and me, the ‘haha’ just makes you seem anxious.

    What she thinks you look like.

    So rather than making her laugh, your emojis and haha show your own doubt.

    So how do your texts seem attractive and wet her panties?

    Show no emotion and trigger lots of emotions.

    That’s simply beefing up your weak jokes with a laugh track: “This is where you’re supposed to laugh.”

    As for triggering emotion, that’s a bit more complex and beyond the scope of this article.

    Onto the fourth reason on why she ignores your texts.

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