I Tried Bumble BFF for 30 Days—Here’s What Happened

How Does Bumble BFF Work?

I Tried Bumble BFF for 30 Days—Here’s What Happened

I noticed a lot of my matches were looking for roommates or were promoters at clubs and wanted me to “get a group of girls together” for a free table and drinks. While I am always down for a free table and drinks, I feel like if I already had a “group of girls,” I probably wouldn’t be on Bumble BFF. Maybe just me though!

If you’ve used Bumble Dating before, it’s basically the same principle. You make an account with up to six photos, craft a bio (it’s harder than you think!), set your age, gender, and location parameters, and you’re ready to start swiping! Swipe right if you’re excited to get to know them and left if you’re not. Easy peasy.

I started making friends at work. I exchanged numbers with a woman in my yoga class (This was a bold move that I was very afraid to do, but now we’re going to another class together!). I also started taking myself on all those friend dates I was hoping to get from Bumble BFF. I took myself to the movies (everyone needs to see A Simple Favor ASAP), I sat at a coffee shop without my laptop for once, and I made brunch for myself at home instead (talk about a money saver!). I also encouraged myself to reach out to people I normally wouldn’t. My photographer friend and I did hang out, but the only pictures involved were the ones we took of our cheese board.

Not meeting as many people (or anyone really) started to get to me. The rejection was honestly worse than dating because I was just looking for someone to hang out and have fun with! After looking at what felt like hundreds of photos of girls in their cap and gown from graduation, on some vacation with their boyfriends, or sipping a mimosa (Bumble BFF girls love brunch!), I started feeling like I didn’t measure up. What about me makes all these girls not want to be my friend? Is my bio not creative enough? Do I not have enough photos that make me look cute and fun? What am I doing wrong?

Creating a unique bio that describes what you really want out of these friendships is a lot harder than I expected. Everyone wants a workout buddy who will always get brunch after, someone to watch The Bachelor with, and someone to be the Jess to their Cece—myself included! It’s hard to not sound basic and like everyone else when you truly do want all of those things.

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