I Have a Boyfriend But I Like Another Guy and He Likes Me

Watch This If You’ve Ever Had A Crush On Someone Else While In A Relationship

I Have a Boyfriend But I Like Another Guy and He Likes Me

If you are happy in your relationship but really noticing how attractive someone is, then I think it is important to be careful with this person and have appropriate boundaries. It may make sense to end this current relationship, or if this is not possible, it may be smart to be mindful of your contact with them.

If you are truly happy in your relationship, then you should be very careful with this other person and not act on any feelings towards them. I would also ask yourself what is going on in your current relationship that you may be thinking about someone else in a romantic way.


Yet, my boyfriend and I have been together for so long and weve been through so much…hes a kind of troubled person and Ive been trying to help him and hes also been supporting me through a lot, even bad decisions. It feels kinda unfair even to just have feelings for someone else and thinking about being with someone else…

Our relationship, on the other hand, started going downhill; We have common interests – except that hes social and likes to go out, while I am and do not… but hes very practical, down to earth and career and money are important to him, while Im a typical dreamer: I couldnt care less about career and money, I want to do what makes me happy – in my free time as well as professionally – and I dont want to be faced with financial and bureaucratic issues very single day… Im not saying that one approach is better or worse, that the other, Im just saying, that were different and we want different things.

And, now that you have an idea of my ongoing relationship… Ive met this guy on a long weekend with friends about a year ago and we zinged. Were very similar, hes also calm, introverted, but very caring. We make each other feel special and good about ourselves. We message each other, we talk sometimes, but we dont push it. I know he likes me, and I know he knows that I like him, but we dont say it…because I have a boyfriend and I dont want to hurt him and while he knows the problems we have, the other guy respect it.

We argue a lot and while Im overly patient and careful with what I say, my boyfriend get very aggressive and overwhelming. Aggressive as in pushing his opinion into my face, not letting me talk, not listening to my point and not taking them into account…then, a few hours later, when he calms down, he acts like nothings happened…Other time were okay, he acts like he still loves me and wants me, he makes plans with me, yet we dont do romantic stuff and dont talk about our thoughts and feelings much…

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