How To Write A Sugar Baby Profile: Sugar Baby Profile Tips


How to write a successful sugar baby profile?

  • Talk about your desired allowance. That’s what your sugar baby profile should say in the first place—it must tell sugar daddies about how much they should be able to spend on dating you. Always put the allowance in your sugar baby profile description to avoid misunderstanding.
  • But don’t make it all about money. Most sugar daddies are looking for emotional connection, not a “sugar prostitution” type of relationship.
  • Show that you’re emotionally available. According to studies, emotional availability is even more important than attractiveness. Writing something about what you enjoy will work much better than using insensitive statements.
  • The lines like “I’m not your average sugar baby” are very common. Don’t use them in your sugar baby profile, please.
  • Write exactly what you’re looking for. That’s how you will save time and avoid long conversations that won’t get you anywhere.
  • These are only the general guidelines for writing a sugar baby profile. If you want to know more about writing a sugar baby bio, username, or heading, continue reading!

    Sugar baby username: examples

  • Words like “cute” and “sexy” do really work—this statement is backed by science. Don’t forget to use them in your username or in your sugar baby profile description to attract even more sugar daddies!
  • Don’t make your username overly sexual. That’s a turn off for most sugar daddies—as we’ve said, they are searching for emotional connection, not just for sex.
  • Make it short, clear, and illustrative.
  • Let’s take a look at some sugar baby username examples we’ve found on WhatsYourPrice (they are not the best but still can inspire you to create your own one):

    Sugar baby profile: heading

    Men spend about 5-6 seconds on the profiles of women on dating websites (sugar dating sites are not an exception). Your profile will only have 6 seconds to attract a man—so it’s obvious that its headline must be eye-catching. It must be a short, interesting, and fun phrase. Lots of SBs use quotes by famous people, but we don’t recommend using them. If you want to show that you’re unique and interesting, quotes are not the best choice for you.

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