how to unlike someone you like on badoo?

How to BLOCK Someone on Badoo!

How do you Unmatch someone on Badoo app? –

When you choose to “wink” at a man, that man will be notified how a woman picked him out and showed interest in him, and if he opens the “wink,” he will see you were the one who sent it. As you can imagine, sending a wink is a popular action among women using online dating websites.

It is totally free to sign up for Badoo and you can even use the site without paying. However, premium members get a lot of great perks and unlimited access to features. Not to mention, premium members don’t have a limit on the number swipes they can perform and don’t have any ads on their apps.

Liking on Badoo A new profile will appear every time you swipe. Swiping left or pressing X means no. You can learn more about this and other Badoo premium features down below. You will be notified when somebody likes you, but their picture will be blurred out completely so it will be impossible to find out who it is.

Method 1Method 1 of 2:Using Badoo through Your Mobile Browser

  • Question How do I change my location on Badoo? Community Answer There should be a location or area of interest option in the settings tab.
  • Question Why cant I see the user pics anymore? Community Answer You probably need to update your device or app. To do this, go to the app store and see if you have any pending updates for the app. If not, go to the settings app and see if you have any pending updates for your device.
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