How to Turn a Girl On Over Text

There are a lot of opinions online around how to turn a girl on through text. Unfortunately, not all of those opinions and ideas will prove effective. The truth is, many of these ideas backfire because they don’t follow the three basic principles for spicing up any conversation with a woman over text: playfulness, boldness, and calibration.

To turn a girl on with words, start by setting the mood by telling her “I can’t stop thinking about you,” or “I’ve been wanting to hear your voice all day.” Then, engage her in some good conversation by asking her a quality question, like “Tell me about what you did today.” Find small openings in the conversation to …

How to Turn a Girl On OVER TEXT (15 Messages)

You First Need Sexual Attraction to Turn a Girl On Over Text

Texting a woman serves many purposes. Everything from simply getting to know her to build comfort and rapport, and of course, generating sexual attraction. Interestingly, the latter is a method that is commonly overlooked, even though it can be incredibly powerful when it’s done correctly.

Learning how to turn a girl on over text is a skill that will take some time and practice. Before we get into the five best ways to do this, remember it’s about much more than just getting her to like you.

For intimacy to happen, she has to be physically attracted to you and feel comfortable with you on a deeper level. It’s one thing for her to like you and feel comfortable having a drink with you. Going to your home and stripping down with you, on the other hand, takes more than basic comfort. This is something that will continue to build throughout your date(s), but it has to start over text.

In fact, we would go so far as to say that you should always be generating some sexual attraction with the women you meet through online dating. It’s the best way to get her to commit to seeing you in person.

Like I said earlier, it’s all about calibration. Learning how to arouse a woman over text is easy – even for beginners. What’s harder to know, however, is when to do it and with whom.

I like boldness and expressing my sexuality… and I know that girls like these traits too.

However, sexualizing early on or with the wrong person – like a friendly neighbor – may sometimes backfire. Especially if you dont have enough experience.

how to turn on a girl over text

Sometimes going all-in can freak the girl out, especially in a medium like text where you can’t visibly express your emotions. Sexualizing too early can be a huge turn-off to a girl and she may think you’re a creep.

So turning a girl on over text will largely depend on her blueprint, is she shy, wild, single, married (that’s a BIG no), never met you or slept with you before. The results of your texting attempts will vary accordingly, but they will still fall into one of three categories:

This happens when you haven’t built enough comfort and sexual tension with the girl.

She can be conservative, shy or just a colleague who doesn’t want to be called the S-word. In a nutshell, you have to make sure she likes you before trying to turn her on via text ….or she will be creeped out.

Some girls will challenge your attempts to turning them on – also known as shit-testing you – and the result will depend on how well you respond.

If you fail, it’s a turn-off, and if you pass it, then the game is ON.

Shit tests are good because they mean she likes you but still making up her mind. If you handle it well, it will be the push over the fence she needs to be turned on.

how to turn on a girl over text

Can you see the difference in her response before and after I passed her challenge?

I knew this girl likes me because we kissed before and I couldn’t pull for bad logistics. So blocking my attempt was a challenge more than “f*** off you freak.”

But like any challenge of this kind, you hold your ground, don’t apologize for your sexuality and maybe tease her a little bit. Most of the time the girl will fall into your frame and will instantly get turned on, as you can see in the previous example.

Let’s first agree that most girls want to be turned on, especially if they already kinda like you. However, many girls won’t say it loudly so they don’t be called out by society or be seen as easy by the guy. So, it’s your job to make them feel un-judged.

For instance, it’s easy to sexualize over Tinder if your profile and bio say you’re in it for the P. You will probably get more left swipes than if you played it safe, but the ones who will swipe right on you will be down to it and will sexualize with you early on because that’s what they signed up for.

Try to tell a girl you’re sleeping with how much you like her horniness. Even if she objects at first, she will soon play into the role and you’d be surprised at how many times she’ll ask you for sex.

How to Turn a Girl On Over Text with 5 Strategies

Now that you know that sexually exciting a girl over text is more than just making her like you, we can get to talk about how. It’s not about sending the right text message or having the perfect line. More importantly, what matters isn’t what you say, but how you say it.

If you’re looking for some in-depth books to learn more check out these really good books on dating and attraction. Let’s move on to the first method.

1. Sometimes, you just gotta be good in bed first

It’s much easier to turn on a girl that you’ve slept with than a girl you just met on Tinder – assuming you gave her the time of her life, or something close to that.

If she saw you in action – and really liked it – then turning her on will be like flicking your bathroom switch on. In fact, she will be the one asking for more.

how to turn on a girl over text

If she calls you King in the bedroom, then you don’t need much to turn the girl on over text.

Sometimes it’s as easy as sending her something like this…

how to turn on a girl over text

If you have a problem turning on a girl over text after sleeping together, then it probably has something to do with your bedroom skills. So, if I were you, I’d worry more about improving those skills rather than showering her WhatsApp with eggplants.

But if you think you were an adequate lover and she still stopped replying, there are a few things you can do. Just remember that if she doesnt respond to you, its not always about you.

Accuse her of trying to seduce you and you will arouse any woman over text. I used this tip over and over and this baby never failed me.

Women are used to being hit on by guys. So imagine how surprised she will be (and amused) if you turn her words against her and accuse her of coming on to you.

The process is simple…Wait till things are fun between you two then call her out for trying to sleep with you or ask you out.

I like doing this because it does three things:

  • Turns on a girl that I’ve slept with
  • Tells the girl I haven’t slept with that we can talk about sex (which paves the road to more flirtation)
  • Filters out the uninterested ones: If she doesn’t like me, she’ll try to change the topic, and I will get the hint and save my time
  • how to turn on a girl over text

    P.s. I used too many emojis here – dont do that.

    That’s an Instagram “model” who’s used to guys sliding into her DM and hitting on her whenever she goes. Accusing hot girls of seducing you will probably make them think, “who the F does he think he is… but I like it.”

    Why? First off, the surprise. And second, because it tells her you can talk sex with no judgment, which will bring her guard down – partially or totally – and give you an entry point to sexualize later.

    The main point here is to assume shes attracted to you.

    If you assume that a girl likes you, there’s a good chance she will and you don’t need to memorize some silly lines from the internet to turn her on over text. Everything you will say will come naturally, and you will blow her mind.

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