How to Text a Virgo Man like an Expert & Keep Him Interested

Virgo: Critical, Clear, and Awkward

However, keep in mind that this earth sign is a tactile listener. Virgo’s have no idea what to say in text messages and are embarrassed about it. They will respond on time and be generally available but always have the heavy-handed awkwardness of an earth sign trying to text.

Why The Virgo Man Is Not Texting or Calling You Back

4. Don’t always be the one to initiate text conversations

It’s never a good look to be overeager in courtship. You want a push and pull, some back and forth. You go to him sometimes, he comes to you other times.

You’re likely excited about your Virgo guy, but do your best to initiate about half of the time, maybe less.

This is an important general rule of thumb for building attraction with texting. With this method, you don’t run this risk of having your conversations be one-sided (by always initiating), and also making sure that he knows your interested in him by being warm, eager, and engaged.

One caveat with Virgo is this: he can be pretty shy and sometimes unsure of himself. He benefits from a more aggressive partner. So be sure that he knows how much you like him.

When you do initiate, and when you respond to his conversational texts, be engaging, and show how much you appreciate talking to him.

So, you’ve gotten to know him a bit and you’ve started texting pretty consistently. To spice things up, try different frequencies of texting.

Text at a different time than you usually do. Don’t text at a time when he might expect you to. And preemptively start a conversation with him right before a time that he’d usually initiate a conversation with you.

This variety keeps him interested and on his toes. Especially by showing a sudden absence or unavailability. Remember, men don’t want a relationship on a silver platter. Your Virgo wants to earn your attention. By not being constantly available or routine in your interactions, he’ll be drawn to you even more.

You might see this as a bit of game playing. And sure, there’s some calculation to it. But it’s helpful because it stops us from seeming overeager (even if we are).

It’s always a good thing to show a little mystery and create intrigue in a relationship. Being available all the time won’t build attraction as well as creating a little space and suspense. And you can do this easily by creating gaps in your text communication.

So when he texts, don’t eagerly respond to it right away. Wait a little bit. How long you wait is up to you. Better yet, have a busy life and don’t always be able to respond right away! Virgo guys love someone who has a busy, organized life.

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