How to Text a Scorpio Man (How Often, What Texts to Send and More)

Message him first so he has to make a choice and respond to you. If Scorpio seems like an obsessive, brooding type it’s because he is! You might not hear from a Scorpio guy first because he’s too busy worrying about what to say, how to say it, and how you’ll respond.

Scorpio Man Ignoring My Texts

What to say to a Scorpio man to turn him on

Using sexual innuendos in your language can be forward enough, yet not in-your-face so that the Scorpio man is enticed.

Also, saying anything that positions him as the one in power can turn him on.

You can use lines like these in ordinary conversation to get your meaning across subtly.

Read How to Sexually Please a Scorpio Man if you want to know more about getting a Scorpio guy hot.

How do you know if a Scorpio man misses you?

If you haven’t heard from a Scorpio guy in a while and he texts you out of the blue, he’s been thinking about you and he misses you.

Scorpio men like to keep an eye on the object of their affection.

If they can’t see you in person, they’ll do this from a distance through text.

But if he’s trying to hide the fact that he misses you because he’s upset or he thinks you need to take a break, you might not know it unless your sleuthing skills are very good.

He’ll keep up with you in secret through social media and any way he can.

5 After He Posts Something That Speaks To You

Are you crushing hard on a Scorpio man and looking for a perfectly good reason to text him first? Well, follow his Instagram, Facebook, and other social media profiles. When you see something that interests you, like the post and leave an insightful comment.

It is a given that he will want to hear more of what you have to say. And, who knows, you might end up having a long conversation that will prompt the Scorpio guy to text you the next time he wants to dive into an intriguing topic.

Scorpio men are famous for their push and pull tactics. They can focus all their attention on a woman for days, only to suddenly disappear or start acting distracted and disconnected. If this is happening to you with a Scorpio guy who is fairly new in your life, it is best to hold off on messaging him.

Not texting him is a good way to draw out his true intentions. If he is interested but playing it cool, he will be the one to text first.

2 If There is Zero Effort on His End

Make no mistake; if a Scorpio man wants you, he will come after you with all of this sign’s intensity and passion.

So, if it feels like you are always the first to text, or the only one making an effort to know a Scorpio man, while he only puts out lazy and cold two-worded responses, things are not okay.

Take back control of the relationship by becoming unavailable and see if he texts first. If no text comes through, it is probable that he simply enjoys the attention you give or is just using you. Either way, it is best to cut ties and find someone who will appreciate you.

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