How to Text a Guy Without Seeming Desperate and Overly Needy

How to Text a Guy Without Looking Desperate
  1. 1 Text him when you have something to say or share.
  2. 2 Keep your texts brief.
  3. 3 Give him a chance to text back.
  4. 4 Match his level of investment.
  5. 5 Don’t be afraid to flirt.
  6. 6 Keep things casual.
  7. 7 Feel free to text him first.
  8. 8 Mention other plans you have.

How To Message Your Crush (Without Looking Desperate!!)

How to Text a Guy Without Seeming Desperate and Overly Needy

#7 If he’s out with friends, don’t text him. If you really want to know how to text a guy without seeming desperate, then avoid doing it all together when he’s out with friends. Unless he’s texting you, he wants his freedom. He wants to have fun with the guys. If he senses you intruding on that, he’ll start thinking you’re desperate and that’ll also make you look clingy and even controlling. [Read: 10 obvious hints guys give when they want space]

#4 Tell him you had fun together. Tell him he was really fun when you two met or got together. Guys love hearing how much fun they are and how funny they are. Starting with a compliment like this will play to his ego and he won’t think you’re desperate at all.

#11 Start with a flirty message. Flirting is a great way to show a guy you’re interested and doing it the right way will ensure you don’t seem desperate. Sending anything with a wink face will make him want to text you but it’s way less clingy than sending him a paragraph long message about how much you like him.

In fact, to stop yourself from texting him, give him your number and tell him to text you. That way, you don’t have his and you can’t. Waiting for that text might seem a little difficult but he’ll send it. Just be patient. [Read: 10 steps to determine if you should text him first]

#5 Keep the conversation light. Don’t talk about anything serious, especially relationships. That will make him jump ship before you even establish one. Maintain casual conversation while also touching on things that allow him to get to know you. If you let him take control of the conversation, he won’t think you’re super desperate to talk. [Read: How to start a conversation with a girl over text]

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