How to Text a Girl for the First Time: 10 Examples That Get A Reply

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If you met on a dating app or in person, just send her a quick text with your name included. Keep it short and sweet, and don’t send anything too long in your first message. Try something like: “Hey it’s James from Tinder!”

How to Text a Girl for the First Time and Create Attraction

Tip 1: The biggest mistake that makes her NOT respond

We’re starting off with how most men sabotage themselves, decreasing their chances of getting a fun reply to nearly zero.

If this is the ONLY thing you’ll learn from this article, it will already make your texting life much easier.

Because without noticing, most men already throw the towel in the ring before the game has even begun.

Picture this:

Average Joe ran into a girl he really liked. He managed to gather all his courage, and approached her. After a bit of good ol’ chit chat, the girl gave her number to Joe.

Now what does the average Joe text her later that day?

I’ll give you five bad examples, so you’ll avoid them!

This one has to be my absolute favorite: Hey, this is Joe, remember me?

This is the subtext:

“Hey, this is Joe, you’ve probably already forgotten me, that happens to me all the time. I assume I’m just not that memorable of a person, so let me check in with you first, before I actually send a fun message. Please text back :)”

Three more examples of Joe not knowing how to text a girl for the first time: Hey, how are you today? Hi, how was your night? Hey! It was nice yo meet you How are you?

Quick question:

Look at the three text examples and try to tell me what he is doing wrong.

What Joe is doing, is rebuilding the connection. All the way from scratch.

But he already met her in real life. Face to face.

Joe already is sitting on a massive treasure, packed with information from real life. This gold is more info than one could possible get from a Tinder profile for example (or any other online dating profile, for that matter.)

So, I’ll hand you a blueprint for a perfect first message that gets her smiling when she checks her phone.

Tip 2: Use this trick to make an emotional impact

I found one simple shortcut to creating a good connection with the girl that you like.

While Average Joe is either cockblocking himself with his boring first text, or rebuilding the conversation from scratch…

See, you don’t need to rebuild the connection. She already gave you her number. All you need to do now is REMIND her of the connection you had face to face.

Now if you’re wondering what to text a girl for the first time…

One ‘slight detail’ that will make or break your texting interaction. I’ll explain it to you with an example.

Some of the beginners that just start to apply my tips, tend to make the same mistake.

They see some lines that work well, and they use them regardless of context.

This was his first text: Frank[his name], we’re going to dance tonight Oops Congratulations with acquiring my number, I guess you must be very special

First of all, I told him to use correct grammar. His first text makes him look like he doesn’t know how humans build sentences. It’s like me saying, “Louis, we’re going to the next tip now.”

Secondly, his second text isn’t a bad line per se. In fact it can work quite well, but there’s a better version. I’ll give you an text message example very soon in this article.

But the main issue here is this:

His tone of voice in the texts is totally different than it was in real life.

This guy doesn’t use these cocky to-the-point type of sentences when they’d met.

Yet, over text, he’s suddenly all suave like his name is James Bond. With some of Conor McGregor’s cockiness in the mix.

The girl you’re texting feels this incongruence, and it turns her off.

There’s a mismatch between real life, and texting.

So remember: if you manage to text in the same style as you talked to her in person, you’ll evoke the same emotions she felt when she met you. That’s one piece of the puzzle of what to text a girl for the first time.

To avoid you from mismatching, I’m going to give you some text examples.

Tip 3: Examples of how to text a girl you just met

So, what exactly do you text the girl you just met?

And if you do it right, you kickstart a fun interaction that leads to a date.

In the last tip we agreed you need to avoid creating a mismatch.

So, more specifically, if the vibe in real life was fun, then you send her something funny.

Let’s say that you were at a bar, and when you met each other you talked about Game of Thrones. Send her this:

Not a Game of Thrones fan? Then you won’t get this one.

But the point is that you don’t even need to text her some lines, you can send her a meme. A meme says more than a thousand, well, 17… boring words.

If you had a more flirty vibe when you met her, then you should send her something flirty. Talking to you over text seems like it will be a lot easier. I won’t have to control my eyes from making inappropriate movements anymore. What a relief.

If you had a more cocky vibe when you met her, then you should send her something cocky.

And I have a extremely cocky first text message, and it’s good.

So good I don’t want just anyone to ruin its reputation. So I made it one of my 10 copy pastable lines that are included in my TextGod Toolkit. You can get it for free at the click of a button, here.

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