How To Tell Who Super Swiped You in Bumble

You’ll know if someone SuperSwiped you thanks to a little yellow notification bar that shows on their profile card when it comes up in your match feed.

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How To Tell Who Super Swiped You in Bumble

Bumble gives you 300 characters to write a captivating bio. Make sure you use all of the 300 characters to write a few funny and catchy lines that can grab people’s attention. It should go without saying that lying about yourself is a big no-no. Nevertheless, you can ask questions to your potential match or even call them to action.

The Super Swipe option cuts the waiting game and makes it easier for you to engage with the people you like. Sure, this sounds great, but how can you tell who Super Swiped you on Bumble? The process is quite simple, so you’ll be able to see who likes you a lot in just a couple of steps.

A problem with super swiping is that is super easy to do it by mistake. Many Bumble users report accidentally super swiping someone. If you’ve mistakingly super swiped someone, don’t worry, it happens and people will understand. If you’ve been super swiped but the match never followed up with communication, it could well mean that they mistakingly super swiped you.

It is quite easy to tell who is intrigued by you on Bumble. Just pay close attention to your feed and the messages that appear next to other user’s profile photos. Super Swipe is a really powerful tool and you should give it a try yourself to see if it will translate into more matches.

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