How to Tell When a Virgo Likes You

When Virgo likes you, they play your game, your way, Taurus. You’re pretty straightforward; you tell it like it is and you want the same. When Virgo takes a shine to you, they suddenly start to act like you and mimic you. You’ll notice that, out of nowhere, they are interested in all your interests.


How to Tell When a Virgo Likes You

Virgos usually keep a lot of things to themselves, they even feel a slight hesitancy about telling their family and friends what bothers them about their work or personal life. However, if a Virgo likes someone romantically, they want to form a special connection and theyll open up, become vulnerable, and tell you whats really in their hearts; why theyre happy, sad, or depressed, and their secret goals and aspirations.

Virgos are into orderly routines, dislike crowds, and love their quiet time alone. But when a Virgo is either falling for you or in love with you, they will step outside of their comfort zone, sacrifice their wants for yours, and do whatever they can to make you happy. Seeing you happy is enough to make them happy even if it goes against their nature.

Virgos dont run after romance and are not quick to fall in love, and when they do the feelings can at first overwhelm them. Yes, they are careful, cautious and worry about being hurt, but if you become the lucky person on the receiving end of their love, be prepared to be adored, idealized, protected, spoiled, and lavished with gifts and attention. Theres no one as tender, caring, giving, and attentive as a Virgo in love. Plus, they are a good bet for a long-term relationship.

It can be a little tricky when it comes to knowing if a Virgo is romantically interested in you. They dont make hasty decisions especially when it comes to getting out of or involved in a romantic relationship. Virgos normally dont let anyone too close, but when they fall for someone, they fall hard. Patience is key when youre interested in a Virgo.

A typical Virgo is incredibly organized, responsible, conscientious, and can obsess over the tiniest of details. They dont like people probing their mind and they can be difficult to get to know because theyre so guarded. However, once they know they can trust you and you meet their high standards, theyll begin opening up to you.

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