How to Switch a Minecraft World from Survival to Creative to Hardcore

How to Enter the Command
  1. Open the Chat Window. The easiest way to run a command in Minecraft is within the chat window.
  2. Type the Command. In this example, we are going to change the gamemode to Survival using the following command: /gamemode s. Once the cheat has been entered, the game mode will be updated to Survival:

How to Change from Survival Mode to Creative Mode in Minecraft

How to Switch a Minecraft World from Survival to Creative to Hardcore

Expand the level.dat entry and click on “Data”. Within that data list you’ll find an entry labeled “GameType.” Although you can use keywords like “creative” or “c” to change modes when using the /gamemode command in the game, the GameType value must be set using a numeric value. Here are the values you can use:

Change the value in “playerGame Type” using the same 0-4 values outlined in the previous section. To switch our player mode to creative without having to use the in-game work around, we need to edit the “playerGame Type” value to 1. Again, make sure to CTRL+S or click the save icon to save your work.

In the previous section on using the the Open-to-LAN work around, we noted that if you used the survival-to-creative mode trick on a world that had been created with hardcore mode turned on, you’d end up in a sort of strange limbo where you had creative powers but would still lose your world if you died. Let’s take a look at how you can toggle hardcore mode off (if you want to turn that world into a regular survival or creative world) or on (if you want to add a little thrill to your life and turn a becoming-dull survival world into a one-life-to-live thrill ride).

Minecraft lends itself to creativity and changing playstyles, however, and you may find that the map you intended to make a creative map feels like it would be a perfect survival map or vice versa. Or perhaps you want to start in creative mode to build your home base and then switch to survival mode to take on the world from the comfort of your freshly built castle.

We can leave this setting as it is (and opt to switch the player back to survival mode, recreating the experience of hardcore mode) or we can toggle this setting from a “1” to a “0” at which point the game will not be deleted upon the death of the player (regardless of whether the player dies in survival or creative mode).

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