How To Swipe in Bumble and What it Does

Bumble Swipe Right

Step 1: Swiping Left

So you’ve signed up and you’re ready to start looking for people in your area. It’s time to go through profiles. Your match could be at the tip of your finger, but be careful.

When you swipe left on a profile, you are indicating you are not interested. The app simply moves onto the next profile.

What happens if you swiped left by accident? You receive 3 free Backtracks at a time if you have a paying account.

To activate Backtrack, simply shake your phone and you will go back to that person’s profile, giving you the opportunity to swipe right (indicate you are interested). Also, your Backtracks reset after 3 hours, so if you run out you can just wait.

Step 2: Swiping Right

See someone you like? Swiping to the right signals that you ARE interested in them. If that person also swipes right, then you get a match, meaning that the two of you swiped right on each other’s profiles. You’ll receive a notification of a match.

What happens if you accidentally swiped right when you meant to go left? Potentially nothing. You can’t take back the swipe if the notification has already been sent to the other person. But they may not swipe right on you so you may not have a match there anyway.

When there’s a match in Bumble, the woman always has to be the one to initiate the conversation, which makes Bumble unique. Other dating applications, such as Tinder, enable either the man or the woman to initiate the conversation. Some women feel much more comfortable using Bumble as they have a bit more control whereas with Tinder sometimes creepy guys send them inappropriate messages out of nowhere.

Step 3: Profile Info

Swiping up on the profile window gives you a little more information about the person. You’ll see their first name and age, as well as location. If they are linked to Instagram, you may see their recent posts here, too. Swipe back down to minimize this window.

Be careful, though, because the block and report button is also located here.

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