How To Sext A Guy: Conversation Ideas He’ll Surely Respond To

When initiating a sext with a partner, it’s best to start slow. You don’t have to necessarily ask their permission, but should send a slightly salacious text to ease them into it. Nude photos may be a little risky right off the bat, especially if you haven’t been dating that long.

7 Sexting Secrets to Turn a Man On

What does it take for a guy to respond to your sexts?

“Guys only want one thing.” Heard this enough number of times? And why won’t you? The popular opinion is that guys want sex all the time, sometimes even when they don’t want it! While this statement is exaggerated (because of course, no one can want just one thing from life), we can’t rule out the fact that men have much higher levels of testosterone than women. This is a key point for why it is easier for men to be sexually aroused than women. Good, now that we have established that men are easy enough to turn on, the inevitable question follows: is it that difficult to get a man to respond to your sexts? Believe it or not, sometimes it is. Now this disproves the previous fact that we established but here’s the thing: sexting is not sex. They are very closely related no doubt, but they are not the same thing and do not necessarily have the same effect and consequences. The difference is that sex is the actual act. Sexting is not. It is merely a means to conjure ideas about that act. This is why sexting is an art. It truly is. There are tons of ways you can screw up with sexting. And when you do, the guy you just pinged will not only not respond to your sext, but he will also conveniently categorize you as some sleaze he’d better stay away from. This is, of course, what you don’t want. It is important to know that for the most part, guys love the very notion of getting down and dirty. If a guy is already attracted to you, a dirty conversation with you isn’t something you need to work too hard to start. In some instances, the guy might be interested in sexting even if he didn’t know you that well! Yep, there’s the testosterone working. However, in some cases, there might be slight hitches like your guy is kinda shy and needs a little extra motivation to respond, or that he is more eager to get into the real thing than “wasting” time sexting. If you want to show him how sexting can be a different form of fun, and get him to participate in the conversation at all costs, we got some great tips and ideas lined up for you. Take note!

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