How to remove comments in Word (step-by-step)

Click the Review tab and click Next on the Comments group to advance from one comment to the next. To remove a comment, you must delete it. Click the Review tab >Delete to delete the comment that is highlighted, or click on the Delete down arrow, and click Delete or Delete All Comments in Document.

Removing Comments in Word 2010

How to Remove Comments in Word (3+ Ways)

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Another way to remove comments in Word is to use Track Changes commands on the Review tab in the Ribbon. As weve mentioned, its a good idea to save a copy of the document and remove the comments in the copy. If you turn off Track Changes, Word will save all changes and comments that have been entered.

You can display all available styles in a Microsoft Word document using the Styles task pane. By default, only some of the available styles (including heading styles) are displayed in the Home tab in the Ribbon. There are 9 levels of heading styles that can be displayed as well as many other styles. In order to view all available styles, you will need to customize the Styles task pane.

Method 1: Disable Show Comments

To hide the comments and show an indicator instead, go to the Review tab and click “Show Comments” in the Comments section of the ribbon.

This deselects the Show Comments button, hides the comments, and displays a note indicator. You can click any of the indicators to view the comments again.

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