How to Remove a Credit Card From Amazon

Delete a payment method on
  1. Go to, and then sign in.
  2. Click Your Account, and then click Payment options.
  3. Click the payment method you want to delete, click Delete, and then click Confirm delete.

✅ How To Remove Credit Card From Amazon

Manage Payment Methods

Note: Certain Health Savings Accounts (HSA) cards cannot be registered as FSA/HSA cards with Amazon but can still be used if theyre registered as credit cards. If you register your HSA card as a credit card, youll be responsible for ensuring the card is used only for eligible products. HSA cards that are registered as credit cards do not automatically restrict the types of products you can purchase with the card. Purchasing ineligible products or services with the card may require you to report them and pay additional taxes. Contact your plan administrator or employer for more information.

How to Remove a Card from Amazon:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Select “Your Account” from the main menu.
  • Click “Payment options.”
  • Click on the payment method you want to remove.
  • Select “Delete” from the dropdown menu.
  • Confirm you want to delete the card.
  • That’s all it takes to remove a credit card from Amazon. Your old payment method will now be gone from your account. It will no longer show up when you check out on Amazon. And it will disappear from any sites that use Amazon Pay. It’s also useful to note that if a card detail – such as the billing address – changes, you can just click “Edit” instead of “Delete” and update it that way.

    After you remove a credit card from Amazon, you may want to add a new one. To do so, click “Add credit/debit card” at the top of the page. Then enter the card’s number, expiration date, security code and billing address. Also type in your name as it appears on the card.

    You can cancel your Amazon credit card by calling customer service at 888-247-4080.

    There is no fee associated with closing your account, but you will have to repay any outstanding balances.

    Closing a credit card can also have a temporary impact on your credit score. You can learn more about that … read full answerhere.

    The easiest way to make an Store Card payment, is either by logging in to your online account or by calling (866) 634-8379. Alternatively, you can pay your Store Card by mail.

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