How to Recover Deleted Tinder Messages

If you are signed up with Tinder and want to contact your previous matches, it’s possible to do so on their website. Go to, and your previous conversations will be available here as well as in the app itself.

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How to Recover Deleted Tinder Messages

So, the best chance you have at recovering these messages is by downloading your data from Tinder. Just like Snapchat and Facebook, Tinder also allows its user to download the complete data of their account if they want to revisit their dating life. With that being said, the availability of data here is determined by various factors and might not necessarily be the same for everyone.

Step 4: On the next page, you’ll be asked to enter an email address on which you want to receive the link to your Tinder data. For more security, you’ll have to reconfirm your email address before moving ahead. Once you’ve entered your address twice, a reddish SUBMIT button will appear that you have to tap on.

Step 3: As soon as you’re safely logged in, you’ll be taken to a new tab with Download My Information written in bold. Under it, you’ll find a reddish button displaying the same message in all caps. In order to download all your data, you’ll have to tap on this button to go to the next page.

The method of recovering deleted Tinder messages by downloading your Tinder data that we discussed in the last section works for both Android and iOS users. However, as we’ve already mentioned earlier, it has no guarantee of returning the exact messages you were looking for. Additionally, it also takes at least 1-2 days for you to receive the link to your Tinder data.

We don’t want to misguide you in any way, which is why we’ll be honest with you from the start. If you’ve deleted some of your messages from Tinder, there is one way you can use to extract them. However, be warned that this method might or might not be able to bring back the particular messages you were looking for.

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