How to permanently delete files from Dropbox

You can delete or permanently delete any file or folder in your Dropbox account, even if it’s shared, as long as you’re the owner.

Delete a file or folder
  1. Sign in to
  2. Hover over the file or folder and click the “…” (ellipsis).
  3. Click Delete.
  4. Click Delete again to confirm.

Dropbox: How To Permanently Delete A File

What happens when I delete a file from my Dropbox account?

Dropbox uses a secure deletion process to delete data from our servers. Additionally, when a Dropbox storage disk has reached the end of its useful life or is damaged, we follow a decommissioning process that is designed to physically or logically destroy the disk to the point data cannot be recovered. Our third-party service providers also follow secure protection processes for media they control.

How long does Dropbox keep my deleted files and information?

Dropbox saves deleted and previous versions of files for a specific period of time so you can recover them if desired. After that time, the deleted files are marked for permanent deletion in our system and are purged from our storage servers. Once they’ve been permanently deleted, they can no longer be recovered or restored.

How to permanently delete files from Dropbox

Dropbox is one of many great, free (or cheap, if you want extra storage space) options for sharing files across devices or users. Thats all most people need to know–but for those who work with sensitive information or who have concerns about shifting privacy policies (or subpoenas, for that matter), ensuring that deleted files stay deleted is essential. Heres how to do it:

How To Permanently Delete Files From Dropbox

Note: When you delete files on Dropbox, it moves to the Deleted Files folder. It will stay there for 30 days for you to recover. Once the period is over, it will permanently delete all your deleted files. You can also manually permanently delete the files by following the steps below.

Dropbox is one of the popular cloud storage services available. However, Dropbox doesn’t offer that much storage space for its users. Free users only have 2 GB of storage, and you’ll have to upgrade if you need more. If you are running out of space on your Dropbox account, you might want to delete some files.

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