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Example Tinder Convo:

tinder message blank profile

tinder message blank profile

Here we messaged a girl with nothing in her bio.

We did notice that she had a photo holding a kitten.

So it’s an easy topic to get someone to open up about.

This first message led to a series of back and forth messages.

All of which you saw in the real tinder convo screenshot.

Which resulted in a date at a local cat cafe in San Francisco.

5 Types of Messages to Send to Girls with a Blank Profile

tinder message blank profile

So what kind of messages do MOST guys send to blank Tinder profiles?

So we put together a Case Study.

By doing this, we can find out:

  • What terrible messages other guys send… so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.>
  • What messages actually would work on a woman.>
  • And what is the BEST kind of opening message you can send to a woman with no bio. >
  • tinder message blank profile

    We came to the conclusion that men who come across a boring or blank profile will usually send messages that fall into 1 of these 5 categories:

    We’ll go into what these 5 categories are in detail…

    And show you real screenshots of messages we’ve gotten from all categories

    tinder message blank profile

    When breaking down the different categories that these men fall into:

  • 20% sent an Emoji or GIF>
  • 16% sent just a compliment, while 45% sent a compliment combined with another category>
  • 43% sent a basic greeting>
  • 13% sent a pickup line>
  • 8% asked a question (while 5% asked a question based on the profile itself)>
  • Right off that bat you can see that a basic greeting puts you in the same camp as 43% of other guys.

    Only 5% sent a message that was a question about the profile.

    But if your goal is to set yourself apart on Tinder…

    tinder message blank profile

    When it comes to sending a message to a girl with a blank profile…

    It makes sense to just send a simple emoji or gif.

    But it comes across as you having nothing interesting to say.

    These are the types of men that have very little to say.

    GIF openers like this wont spark too much of a conversation after sending

    It just doesn’t give your match something to respond to.

    tinder message blank profile

    tinder message blank profile

    A well-placed GIF that’s relevant to something you see in her photos…

    And rather than send text back to answer that clue…

    But when it comes to just sending a plain emoji as your starting message:

    tinder message blank profile

    Your message is way more likely to get lost in the mix.

    Plus it doesn’t add anything to the conversation and will result in no response.

    tinder message blank profile

    Thank you, but what is the girl supposed to reply to that afterward?

    Most women would rather be complimented on whats on the inside than the outside.

    Put more simply:

    tinder message blank profile

    tinder message blank profile

    It doesn’t matter if she has a blank or empty profile.

    Instead of just complimenting her appearance:

  • Is she at a concert? “What artist were you seeing?” >
  • Is she at the beach? “What’s your favorite beach to go to?” >
  • Is she holding a camera? “What kind of photography do you do?” etc… >
  • tinder message blank profile

    tinder message blank profile

    43.2% of them were some version of a basic greeting.

    There is 0 reason for a woman to respond to a message like this.

    Like the other hundreds of guys sending boring, generic messages.

    They are not successful in making you stand out in her inbox of messages.

    tinder message blank profile

    tinder message blank profile

    With that said:

    There are times when a “basic greeting” can work if she has an empty profile.

    All you need to do is send her name with an exclamation point to get her attention.

    Just keep in mind when she does respond (which is often)…

    you’ll still need what amounts to a real first message.

    tinder message blank profile

    Don’t send some generic pick up line you found doing a quick search online.

    tinder message blank profile

    tinder message blank profile

    If you’re going to follow through with this type of message:

    Again either go off of her pictures or make a pun out of her name…

    tinder message blank profile

    These are some of the best first messages to send to someone with a blank or boring profile.

    When you follow our formula above combined with a little personality…

    Your message goes from one that gets lost in the inbox.

    tinder message blank profile

    tinder message blank profile

    To recap, the easiest way to spark a conversation is to ask a question…

    Find one thing that sticks out, and ask her about it.

    You’ll see a lot of the techniques I give you are custom.

    As in, you’ll come up with a line she’ll respond to even if her bio is empty.

    However, there is an alternative way to get her attention.

    To get a copy pasted line to work you need to understand what makes opening lines work at all:

    Let me show you a quick example of what I mean.

    tinder message blank profile

    And because it spikes her emotions she can’t help but respond.

    And all the guys who match send the same message.

    This problem is even worse when she has an empty Tinder bio.

    But if she were to receive an opening message that was 100% different from everything else…

    I’ll get into why Girl’s don’t have Tinder bios in the next chapter.

    But for now, I want you to not be frustrated.

    In fact, her having a boring profile is great news.

    It’s a chance for you to stand out big time.

    To stand out on Tinder you have to spike her emotions.

    You can do this with an opening message that:

  • Makes her curious>
  • Is playful, and a little bit insulting (but not mean)>
  • Subverts her expectations>
  • Breaks the 4th wall>
  • All of these can be copy-pasted lines that you don’t have to customize.

    By saying, “Great! I don’t know what to do with you.”

    She gets so curious, and the line is so playful and unusual…

    The power of spiking her emotions with your opening line is simple.

    It gets her so excited about meeting you she goes crazy.

    You’ll literally get messages like this:

    tinder message blank profile

    This line he uses actually is most effective opening line I’ve ever sent.

    But what’s important is this:

    Then it doesn’t matter if she has a blank or empty profile.

    I want to both answer your question, and tell you exactly how to message a girl when she has a blank profile.

    Heres the cold hard truth: it’s just not necessary for a woman to write a bio on Tinder.

    The reality is, having a bio or not wont affect the number (or quality) of messages she will receive.

    While this might seem like a negative, it’s actually a positive.

    There is a reason that the minority of men on Tinder get the majority of results.

    And, like me, you’re going to be in that pool now (assuming you weren’t already.)

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