How to Make a Gemini Man Miss You After a Breakup

How To Get a Gemini ♊ Man Back After Break Up HOW TO WIN BACK A GEMINI MAN

How to Make a Gemini Man Miss You After a Breakup

You might be tempted to ask him to hang out, call him or send him lots of text messages, or spend lots of time with your mutual friends in hopes that you will run into your Gemini ex. But when it comes to a Gemini guy, the best way to make him miss you is to give him space.

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If you want your Gemini ex to miss you because you feel scorned and want revenge, then there is no need to tell him that you miss him. But if you want to make your Gemini ex miss you because you are hoping for a reconciliation, you should open up and tell him how you feel.

4. Make sure he knows you want to try again.

If he’s super motivated, he might just try to pursue you again on his own. But he may not have a clear pathway, or his mind might be in two camps at once: give things another go, or break it off for good.

When he’s got to know for sure that you want to be an item again, I would just suggest going about this delicately.

You can opt to tell him straight up, but after you’ve laid the groundwork and shown him how you’ve changed and what he’s been missing.

He may ask about it, in which case you should be honest and upfront about your desires. Honesty is the key word. Be transparent with him. He doesn’t want to play games.

A Gemini man might test you if he knows you want him back. He might poke at you from time to time with comments he thinks will get a rise out of you. Or he might subject you to some darker moods.

Don’t jump to the conclusion that he’s trying to drive you away. It’s safest to assume that he’s just doing his thing, testing the waters and logging away your responses.

By no means should you let him go overboard. Call him out on his bull!$*# when necessary. But try not to be overly sensitive at the same time. He needs an emotionally resilient partner, one who can handle his mercurial nature.

You may know this already, but he isn’t very good at responding to emotion. So presenting him with a seriously emotional display might not go down so well.

Tears may scare him and passionate declarations of undying love might be more than he can handle. Whatever you’re feeling, try to keep it on the cooler side when interacting with him.

That can be tough, I know. The last thing you want to do when talks with your ex are going well is dial back your feelings.

But trust me, you want to take the pressure off any way that you can. He doesn’t need a vial of your blood to wear. He just wants to ease into the flow with enough time to reflect on his own feelings in the process.

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