how to log out of doordash on all devices?

How To Logout Of DoorDash App

how to log out of doordash on all devices?

Change your passwords DoorDash says it will be reaching out directly to affected customers, restaurants and delivery workers. And while it does “not believe that user passwords have been compromised,” it’s still a good idea to go ahead and update your password. Make sure when you do so, it’s unique to DoorDash.

Doordash account taken over by someone else : doordash

I did some searching online and there is no information of a data breach, but there has to be. I have been seeing reports pop up on forums, reddit, and all over about this happening to other people. Im going to get my money back from Doordash or do a charge back with my bank as this charge is fraud. There is no way I got taco bell last night in Tucson and then went to San Francisco 30 minutes later.

So I received an email yesterday stating my email address was being changed. I looked at the email and saw that the email address that was on my account and the one being changed were the same. I pretty much thought it was an error in IT notifications or something so I paid no attention. Fast forward to yesterday evening and I want some food. I tried to log into my account and it would not let me. I thought maybe I forgot my password so I clicked on the “Forgot Password” link. Entered my email address and waited for the password reset email. It never came. I tried again and it never came. I did a “Doordash” search on my gmail and saw another email from Doordash stating that my account security is important to them, but the name they called me was not my name. Shortly after I checked my bank account only to find a $70 charge for Doordash in San Francisco. Ive never even been to San Francisco. I immediately looked up a doordash support phone number and contacted them.

My account information has to have been compromised somehow. The people that got my information knew exactly what to do. They changed my email address to one that looks remarkably the same, just with an extra “S” where I did not notice it. They then changed the email address again to their email address and ordered food on my account with my debit information saved.

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