How to Know If a Virgo Man Wants You Back (8 Green Lights He Gives)

How To Get a Virgo Man Back ♍ After Break Up? HOW TO WIN BACK A VIRGO MAN?

How to Know If a Virgo Man Wants You Back

Did you break up with a Virgo man, only to realize that it was a huge mistake?

Or maybe he walked away and you haven’t been able to get over it.

Whatever happened, Virgos are one of those signs that can’t stop replaying your relationship in their minds over and over again.

And while they’re doing that, they might start to realize that they made a huge mistake letting you go.

So how do you know that’s what’s going on, especially if you’re dealing with a tight-lipped Virgo man who’s hesitant to lay out his feelings on the table?

Or he just so happens to be at your local watering hole after work.

Is it you, or is it like every time you’re online or out with friends, he’s unexpectedly there?

If a Virgo guy didn’t feel confident about your breakup, he may never actually fully leave.

That perfectionist streak in Virgo men means they hate to feel like they’ve failed, and that includes failing at relationships.

Combine this with their problem-solving skills and dedication to their partners and it’s not hard to see why, after a few weeks or months apart, an interested Virgo man might start popping up again.

It might sound odd, but a good way to tell a Virgo man wants you back is to look at what he’s not doing.

If he’s not throwing up road blocks left, right and center the minute you try to talk to him, that’s a green light.

If he’s not totally ignoring you and instead making himself available to chat with you, that’s another green light.

You see, a Virgo man who doesn’t want to be with you will not signal in any way that he does.

In fact, he’ll make an effort to show that he does not want to date you.

He might do that by becoming scarce, ignoring your texts and generally being cold and formal with you.

So if you’re not getting immediate “Nope” vibes from him the minute you try to talk to him, that’s your second clue that there might be a chance he still digs you.

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