How to Know If a Sagittarius Man Really Loves You (9 Biggest Signs)

If a Sagittarius man seems genuinely curious about every tiny detail of your life, it shows he is interested in you. He will ask you about childhood memories, phobias, favorite bands, and your likes and dislikes—giving you a hint that he is in love with you.

Top 5 Signs A Sagittarius Man LOVES You (MUST SEE♐)

How to Know If a Sagittarius Man Really Loves You

While they don’t usually put their emotions on display, Sagittarius men are happy to let someone they love in.

A Sagittarius man in love will show you a very different side of himself from the happy-go-lucky person he usually seems to be.

He’ll feel safe enough to share their ups as well as their downs with you, and even be sad around you.

If this happens, take it as a very good sign about how he feels about you.

Does your Sagittarius man lay on the PDA with you?

Is he often reaching for your hand to squeeze and grabbing you to hug you when you’re close by?

Physical touch is a big way that he expresses how he feels, and also how he gains reassurance about how you feel toward him.

3. He says the “L” word out of the blue

They tend to be impulsive and can blurt things out, including that four-letter word starting with “L.”

Sagittarius people are known for their open honesty, so when you hear from their lips that they love you, you know it’s the truth.

If your Sagittarius man hasn’t said it quite yet, it’s probably just a matter of time before he gushes.

It’s a telltale sign when a Sagittarius man discusses the future with you.

Maybe he adds you to his plans, such as his travel plans, or he chooses options for his future that make it easier for you two be together.

Like if he gets a job offer that would take him to another location and either asks you to go with him or finds a way to make it work for both of you.

He may not be the type to talk kids and marriage, so don’t jump the gun on those conversations!

But you can bet that he’s serious about you when he stops thinking about his future in terms of himself and starts making preparations as a couple.

You may not realize it because the Sagittarius man is so easygoing, but he doesn’t tend to make compromises about his life, wants or needs for anyone.

He values his freedom and thinks everyone should just do what they want to do.

If he deeply cares for you, he will willingly adapt how he operates to fit your needs.

Like staying in with you instead of going out if that’s what you need from him.

He’ll see it as serving the one he loves rather than giving up his freedom, which Sagittarius men fear above all else.

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Sagittarius men can be wildly romantic.

They demonstrate their feelings for you by doing things like writing you love notes.

And planning a weekend at a cabin in the woods, just the two of you.

Expect declarations of his affection with plenty of compliments, too.

The generous Sagittarius man just wants to make you feel special.

It’s important to the Sagittarius man that you get what you want out of life.

In a relationship, he wants you both to maintain your independence and not lose your own identities in each other.

A big part of that is pursuing what’s important to you.

If he loves you, he’ll support you unconditionally.

He’ll be your biggest fan, rooting for you and doing what he can to help you.

A Sagittarius man is bound to have plenty of hobbies, and you can bet that he’ll want to get you involved.

If he paints, he’ll ask you to be his muse.

If he’s into wine tasting, he’ll teach you what he knows and invite you to wine tasting events to enjoy with him.

And if he’s a big fan of hiking, he’ll suggest destinations for the two of you to hike.

He can do these things alone, but you’re his favorite person to spend time with—so why not do them with you?

Whether it’s handmade or store-bought, a present from a Sagittarius man will have a personal touch.

He wants to dote on you, but he’s not trying to buy your love.

Each gift he gives you is symbolic of his affection for you and reflects how intently he listens to you—because he cares so much.

He’ll get you a piece of jewelry with something special about your relationship engraved.

If you said you like plants but you can’t keep them alive, he’ll get you an air plant that needs zero attention from you.

He listens closely and then jumps to fulfill your needs and desires.

The best clue that a Sagittarius man misses you is when he calls you up.

He has a million things to do and if he makes contacting you a priority, you know you’re special to him.

The fact that he’s reaching out to you also shows that you’re on his mind.

He’s not the type to obsess over you from a distance and ignore you like he doesn’t want your attention.

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The way he feels comes out in the way he behaves around you.

He’ll touch you in subtly affectionate ways, like touching your hand or your hair.

He will spend time with you and happily do the things you want to do.

You’ll find that instead of being hard to pin down like your typical Sagittarius, he’s consistently available to you and communicates often.

To top it all off, he’s trying his hardest to make an impression on you with his intelligence and hilarious sense of humor.

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