How to Know Apple iMessage is Free or Not-Complete Guide

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How do you Know your iMessage is Free or Not Before Sending It?

Apple made it simple to recognize a free iMessage and text message before sending the text. You can immediately recognize a phone number whether it is an iPhone number or not. iOS is offering a solution to recognize an iPhone number before you send the message.

  • Open Messages App from iPhone.
  • Tap on Pencil icon (top-right) for a new message.
  • Enter the number or name to search the number from your contact list.
  • iOS will list the number from the contacts based on the name you entered.
  • iMessage is free if the number marked in blue color.
  • iMessage is not free if the number marked in green color.
  • Alternatively, you can see the color difference of composing arrow in iMessage. The message is free if the arrow is blue. The provider will charge for the message if the arrow is in green color.

    How Do you Know iMessage is Free After Sending It?

    Well, you send some message to a number and you were not aware of the charge for text Message. So how do you know the messages were free or not after sending them from the iPhone?

  • Open Messages App from iPhone.
  • Open the message window for the contact that you sent before.
  • Check any text messages that you previously sent.
  • The messages were free if you see a blue background for the texts.
  • The messages were not free if you see a green background for the texts.
  • What do you do if you send only s before? Well, as you see on the screenshot above, you can paste an or text on the iMessage compose window. If you see blue send arrow, the message is free. The provider may charge for the text you if you see a green send arrow in the iMessage box.

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