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If you have a great Tinder bio and sent an amazing first message, the easiest ways to keep a conversation going are to ask questions and share about yourself. Just like on an in-person date, you want to leave the conversation feeling like you got to know each other.

5 Ways to Keep the Conversation Going on Tinder

Keep Equal Engagement Loops

If you want to succeed at online dating, you’re going to need to know about Engagement loops.

An engagement loops is one message from you, one message from her.

It’s actually very simple: a message and a response to the message.

With a Tinder conversation, every “engagement loop” is one round of back and forth.

how to keep a tinder conversation going

For example, here’s an engagement loop:

  • You: Noticed you listed “Shrek” in your profile, you earned this super like.>
  • Her: What can I say? I’ve got a lot of layers.>
  • Okay, mediocre Dreamworks movies aside, I think you get the point.

    Message Length?

    A common question I get is “how long should my messages on Tinder be?”

    The truth is: it varies.

    Other times you’re going to need a paragraph to get her interested.

    If you’re new to texting girls, this probably isn’t the answer you want to hear.

    This is where the concept of engagement loops come in.

    Keeping It Equal

    Because all you need to make sure is that your messages and hers are about the same.

  • If she sends a long message, you send a long message back.>
  • If she is short with her answers, you be short too.>
  • You wont come off as needy by sending long messages when she is sending short ones.>
  • And you wont come off as uninterested by sending short ones when she is investing more with longer messages.>
  • Let’s take a look at a message where the conversation has even engagement loops.

    (Where his messages and her messages are nearly equal in length and tone.)

    how to keep a tinder conversation going

    Both parties are investing equally, and that’s a good sign.

    The guy doesn’t come off as needy and the conversation isn’t one sided.

    This is exactly how to keep a conversation going on Tinder.

    So next time you’re texting and you’re worried about the length of your convo…

    Let’s take a look at an example of a bad engagement loop.

    how to keep a tinder conversation going

    Keep in mind though that just because it’s off balance doesn’t mean you’ve lost.

    Think of it more like a “yellow flag” – if you do it too often she’ll start to notice.

    And she’ll wonder to herself, “why is he writing such long messages?”

    She might think:

  • You’re desperate.>
  • You’re socially awkward.>
  • You’re a cool guy, but just a bad texter.>
  • Either way, it’s such an easy fix there’s no reason to shoot yourself in the foot.

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