How to Get Unbanned From Bumble When Got Blocked [in 2022]

How to Reset Your Bumble Account!

How to get unbanned from Bumble – 2 ways:

There are currently two methods of how you can get unbanned from Bumble and use the dating app again. One of them is the easy one but will work in just a few cases, the other one is the complicated one but will work no matter what:

How to get unblocked from Bumble – Bumble ban appeal

The easier way to get your Bumble account back is to try to contact Bumble Customer Support and ask them to review your ban and unban your account.

We would suggest this method in that case only when you’re 100% sure that your ban was an accident and you didn’t violate Bumble’s Term of Service or Community Guidelines. (You can check some of these Guidelines at the end of this blog post)

So if you want to contact Bumble, you basically have three ways to do it as we have written in our article about contacting Bumble Customer Support.

However, in this particular case, we would suggest you contact them via their official contact form here:

Contact Bumble To Unblock your Bumble Account

At Step 1 we would suggest you to choose “Report a technical issue”, at Step 2, Choose “Other “. At Step 3 you can describe your issue.

In this answer box, explain to the Support team that you have been banned from Bumble but you think the block from Bumble was only an unfortunate accident. As you have never been reported in the app and you have never done anything against their community guidelines so ask them to review their decision or at least provide you with an explanation of why you have been blocked from Bumble.

If the Bumble Support team replies, they usually do that within a week. If they don’t even reply, you can make the conclusion that your ban is final and you cannot get back your old account back.

In this case, keep reading, as we will show how you can still get back to Bumble.

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