how to get to the bumblezone?

Enderpearls thrown at their hive blocks or their Expansion Boxes attached to a hive will now teleport you to The Bumblezone! -Productive Bees’ will also rarely spawn in The Bumblezone dimension from regular spawning or from Honeycomb Brood Blocks in the dimension.

Going INSIDE a Minecraft Bee Hive!!! (The Bumblezone 1.17.1)

The Bumblezone (1.18.2)

And there’s also honey crystals that can be water logged and you can create drinkable sugar water. When the water flows through it, it turns to sugar water and you can bottle it from there. It’ll give you a bit of health but it will also give you haste for a brief period as well.

TelepathicGrunt / Bumblezone Public

For developers that want to add Bumblezone to their mods workspace:

Dont forget to change with the actual latest version of this mod like 4.1.2 for example.

Add the mixingradle to your buildscripts dependencies block. These will allow Blames mixins to work. After you add the properties lines, refresh Gradle and run genEclipseRuns or genIntellijRuns or genVSCodeRuns based on what IDE you are using.



Recent 1.16.5 News: Some optimizations, more tags for configuring, and some bugfixes!

Check out the Changelog for more info!

(Also, please report any glitches BUGS you find)



-Using a Bottle of Bee item on a Empty Honeycomb Brood Block will revive the block into a stage 1 Honeycomb Brood Block. This can be done by hand or by a Dispenser facing the block. -Buzzier Bees’ custom Bee Nest and Bee Hive blocks can be used to telepor

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