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How Easy Is It For An OBESE Girl To Get Laid (Tinder Experiment PART 2)

1 – Highlight Your Best Features With These 3 Tinder Photos

Most guys aren’t willing to invest the time it takes to get great Tinder photos…

  • Are high quality (resolution, lighting, style.)>
  • And demonstrate attractive traits about you (looks, status, personality.)>
  • how easy is it to get laid on tinder 2

    As you can see this photo is:

    Meanwhile, look at this one:

    how easy is it to get laid on tinder 2

    This photo is:

  • Grainy>
  • Low quality>
  • And makes him look lower in social value>
  • A selfie>
  • So you need high-quality photos if you want to get laid on Tinder.

    But what you might not know are the 3 types of photos you must have.

    Here they are:

    The model shot

    This is the first impression a girl will get from you.

    And if this photo sucks then it’s the ONLY impression she’ll get of you.

    how easy is it to get laid on tinder 2

    But if it kills it, she will want to swipe right on you and youll get laid.

    Like the above example, a great main picture needs to…

  • Capture you in your best possible light>
  • Be close up (showing your upper body and head)>
  • Clearly show your face and eyes>
  • And entice her to swipe right>
  • So either hire a photographer or learn to do it better.

    Check out this video for how to nail a confident and attractive facial expression for your model pic.

    The friends shot.

    Showing you have cool friends is an essential ingredient for your Tinder profile.

    Girls dont want to meet a guy whos a loner and has no circle of friends.

    Why? Because she knows nothing about you, and it could be dangerous for her.

    When you’re looking for casual hookups it’s also a good idea to show that…

  • You have other people in your life>
  • And they enjoy your company>
  • how easy is it to get laid on tinder 2

    Now you can score extra points if there are girls in your photos.

    With one big caveat: it should not look try hard!

    By having a picture with other girls you trigger social proof.

    Meaning she will assume youre more attractive and fun to be around because other girls are enjoying your company.

  • Important note: It’s not a great idea to have photos of you and only one other girl.>
  • Why? This can seem like a current or ex-girlfriend pic (both are turn-offs for a new girl).

    You wont (easily) be able to hook up on Tinder if you send the wrong information

    You’re much better off choosing a photo with 2 or more girls.

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