How To Get an Aquarius Woman Back: Tips on Winning Her Over

Talk to her honestly about what you want.

Aquarius women love it when they can talk openly and freely with someone, and they’ll appreciate it when you do the same. Don’t hold anything back, and try to let her in emotionally as much as you can. It will bring you two closer and hopefully rekindle your relationship.


How To Get an Aquarius Woman Back: Tips on Winning Her Over

Instead of doing this, you could let her be free, but not to the point of looking someplace else for a new man. It’s very likely your relationship has ended for the first time because she noticed you were treating her too much as a lover and not at all as a friend.

When interested in a man, the Aquarius woman won’t give too much away, like the Aries one would. From one point of view, it can be said the Water Bearer female doesn’t give in any way attention to the man she likes as she has a specific way of falling in love.

After the breakup, you could prove her how capable you are of being her friend. It seems like her brain is set to always do the opposite of what others want from her and are suggesting not because she has bad intentions, but because she wants to show the entire world that she’s capable of doing what she wants in life.

She wants a partner who has a strong mind just like hers and who’s at the same time vulnerable. This girl trusts people who are open to her as she finds them very sexy. Prove to her that she can always rely on you and that you’re her good friend and things may just work out for you. Avoid being superficial because she wants a strong man who knows a few things about tradition and at the same time has an open mind.

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