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How to change album art in google play music app

How Do I Add An Artist Image To Google Play Music?

IGNORE Android Central! Using the Google Play Music website on your computer is the simplest method. To change the album art, click the Change in album art button underneath the 3-dot menu button associated with the album. Then click Edit Album Info underneath it.

In order for the artist to change his or her Google Play Music profile, The artist must fill out the Artist Hub. After setting up your Google account, enter the URL associated with the store you would like to link to in the e to which you would like your Google Play store page associated. If you are an artist, you can search for your artist name on the site. The Select button in front of the name of your artist may also be found.

How Do I Change The Cover Photo On Google Music?

If you wish to claim the Google Play store page for the artist below, you must have legal authority and control over all his or her rights over them; and by showing up on the site, you represent to Google that you also have the authority.

How Do I Change The Cover Art On Google Play Music?

To download album art to your computer, log on and go to your Google Music account. You then upload the art along with the selected songs and albums to the selected mp3 files by using the “Refresh” setting in the app. Mobile users must also enable the “Reset” feature.

Google Play Music offers that functionality on their website for PC users specifically. To edit album info, click Edit Album Info, then click on Change in the album art tab on the Albums menu. As a result, you can select a file extension to use with the album as your .

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