How To Get a Libra Man Back: What No One Tells You

How to Make a Libra Man Want You Back

To win him back you need to take the initiative and don’t let him dwell on any choices by showing him that you have changed and can be better.

i want my libra man back

Men born in Libra are always going to live up to their sign and bring balance everywhere they may be going. Wanting a partner to complete him, your Libra ex may have felt you weren’t his soulmate when you two used to form an item together.

If you want him back into your life, first take a look at your own behavior. If you happen to be a little bit extreme regarding some aspects of your lifestyle and you exaggerated with how much or how less you used to want him around, consider being more moderate this time because he really wants for everything to be balanced and wouldn’t even think of getting back together with the woman who didn’t offer him peace of mind.

Top 5 tips on how to get a Libra man back:

  • Take the initiative but don’t hurry him.
  • Negotiate your second chance, he’ll love this.
  • Ask about his expectations from you and make some promises.
  • Say what’s on your mind but be kind and don’t throw blame.
  • Suggest for you two to do something new and exciting together.
  • Have a little patience and determine what you can do in order for your Libra man to be truly happy with you. He would be fascinated if you’d have new hobbies and a different lifestyle, so don’t hesitate to let him know what changes you’ve made when it comes to the way you’re behaving. Talk to him about how you’re no longer the person with the problem he used to hate and you could have him back into your arms in no time.

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