How to Get a Leo Man to Forgive You – Astrology Cosmos

Be sincere.

Look them directly in the eye during the apology. Speak in a serious tone. Leave behind your cell phone and other distractions, since Leos will always want your full attention. Show them respect, love and kindness – you’ll find that a Leo will get over a situation pretty quickly when you do.

Apologize to a Leo

How to Get a Leo Man to Forgive You – Astrology Cosmos

When you learn his reasons, which may include things that have caused him to feel upset, but that you do not feel are valid, you should address his emotions. Underneath his pride is a roiling fire of emotions. These emotions are guiding him in a manner that he is not willing to admit. This means that you need to connect with him on an emotional level. Let him understand that you are not only addressing his intellectual or spiritual concerns, but rather communicating with him about his heart.

Loyalty is the most important quality that will support a relationship with a Leo. Additionally, it is important to ensure that you always treat the Leo man in your life with dignity. Do not undercut him or make him feel negative about himself. You will find that the most sure course of action to make amends with a Leo man is to raise him up. If he fails at his end of the bargain, then ensure that you address those concerns in private and without insulting him.

After he is given time to collect himself, the next step is to give him an opportunity to share himself. You do not need to convince him to share his feelings, as he will let you know what is on his mind when he is ready to. While he is explaining his feelings, you will benefit in not attempting to interrupt him or contradict him. Give him the chance to lay everything out on the table, as this will give you an opportunity to address each of his concerns.

This will give you and your Leo an opportunity to address the present and future. You will need to explain that you acknowledge his feelings and the rationality behind his desires. Empathize with him and inform him of your desire to change your behaviors. If he balks at this, then explain how you will alter your actions. He may be incredulous, but he will give you an opportunity to prove yourself right or wrong.

When learning how to get a Leo man to forgive you, you should realize that each Leo man is highly individualistic. Some may want to spend additional time together, while others may seek gifts. Others still will want to spend time together in public, because this will give him an opportunity to show off your relationship. You will need to learn about the values and goals of the Leo man in your life, as this will help you navigate any concerns or hurdles that manifest within the relationship.

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