How to Flirt With a Scorpio Man (7 Ways to Get Him Under Your Spell)

Ask him personal questions. He flirts by asking questions and will be flattered if you do too. Scorpios are observant and careful, so he’ll make it his mission to learn as much about you as possible. Flirt with him by showing him you’re just as curious as he is and asking personal questions about him.
  1. Be mysterious.
  2. Make eye contact.
  3. Let your confidence shine.
  4. Dress to impress.
  5. Show off your smarts.
  6. Plan out one-on-one time.
  7. Keep your flirting subtle and suggestive.
  8. Be kind and nurturing.

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How do you know if a Scorpio man likes you?

Number one, he’ll stare at you with such extreme intent you’ll feel like he can see right through you.

If he likes you, a Scorpio man will have no trouble approaching you.

He’ll probably do it when you least expect it and surprise you.

But this is because he’s been studying you from afar for a while and he’s just decided to go in for the kill.

There are plenty of signs if you know how to look for them—check out How to Tell If a Scorpio Man Is Interested in You for the top signs.

Being mysterious is huge for attracting a Scorpio man.

As is being sexy in your own unique way—not necessarily in how much cleavage you can show.

In fact, being different is a major element of a Scorpio man’s attraction.

Play up that innocence so that the Scorpio man doesn’t know just how badly you want him.

Be friendly and sweet with him but act like you have a million other things to do so he knows he has to put in some work to get you.

Equally as important, you’ll need to balance playing the submissive role while not seeming like a doormat.

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