how to find out who login to my okcupid?

Log into your OkCupid profile. Click on your profile thumbnail (you can find this on the top right corner of your screen) When the drop-down menu appears, click on “Find a User” You will see a white box with the words, “search by username”.

How to Login to OkCupid App? Sign In to OkCupid Account 2021?

How To Log In To OkCupid Dating Site 2020 | OkCupid Sign In | Online Dating Guide

If you mouse-over the green outlined circle, it will show you when the user was last online. If they’ve been active that day it will show you the time they were last active, any time prior that today’s day, it will give you a simple date they were last active.

How to Use OkCupid

If you ever feel like sprucing up your profile or adding more information about yourself, click on the icon of your profile picture in the top right corner of the OkCupid screen. This icon always stays in place no matter where you navigate on OkCupid, so it is always easy to find! You can use this drop down menu to update your profile, change your settings, look at users you have bookmarked, find a user, ask OkCupid for help, or to sign out.

To see who you have recently visited, select You Visited near the top of your screen. To hide any Visitors you no longer want to see, scroll over their name or profile icon and select Hide. This page will also show you your average number of visitors per week, and will allow you to easily change your settings regarding visitors. Remember, without the A-List, you can only see the last 5 users to visit your profile.

From this screen, browse matches freely, and sort by Match %, Distance, Who’s new, Last online, Enemy %, or OkCupid’s “Special Blend.” You can also select the Filter symbol in the top right corner to input more specifiics about what you’re looking for. Click Clear all to remove the filters and start your search over.

One of the best functions of OkCupid is the questions it asks its users. Unlike other dating sites, you do not have to fill out a long series of questions to create a profile. However, OkCupid does try to match you with the most compatible users possible, and they do this by allowing you to answer as many questions you like, at your own pace.

This menu shows people who have “liked” you by clicking on a yellow star while using any of the OkCupid functions such as Quick Match, Browse Matches, or simply by having viewed your profile. Click on the star in the top right of your menu to see who has seen your profile and liked it. Remember, you can only see who has liked your profile while you’re online, or if you upgrade to the A-List.

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