How To Find Hookups On Instagram – 7 Tips To Get Laid

Write a specific comment about something they’ve posted—don’t be random or too suggestive. Make yourself stand out by trying to authentically relate to them. Asking an open question is a good opener because it prompts them to reply with a more thoughtful answer.

How to Meet Girls from Instagram – From DM to the Date (+Conversation Examples)

Is Instagram A Hook Up Site?

To be clear, even if some treat Instagram like a hook up app, it’s not one.

It’s mainly a visual social media app for people who want to share their interests and connect with others with the same tastes.

Yet, since there are users down for casual sex on this platform, Instagram hookups are a reality nowadays.

Keep in mind that in recent years escorts have hijacked the platform to offer their services. Then you have several cam girls from cam sites like Strip Chat that are promoting their channel.

So when you see people over-sexualizing their pictures, that means they are promoting/selling their services and not merely looking for a casual fling.

Given these points, it might sound like a good idea to use it to find hookups, but the fact is most users aren’t open to communicating with strangers.

If you want to get laid easily, you’re better off using a popular hookup site because people are there only to have casual sex. Not to promote their channel or themself like on Instagram.

Having said that, with some patience you can hookup on Instagram if you’re a popular person with an interesting lifestyle. Let’s see how to do that.

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