How to enter in a PO Box on Amazon? I am sending a gift to someone, and I want to know how to enter in a PO Box. What things go in what text fields

So, if you want your package sent to your box, let your PO Box be on your shipping address 1 line field. That is, let your sole shipping address be your PO Box. This tells Amazon that you would prefer them to send your package via USPS to your box.

How to Add A New Amazon Address, P.O. Box On iPhone

Does Amazon Deliver To PO Boxes?

Yes, and it’s third-party marketplace sellers do ship items to PO boxes. However, Amazon uses a lot of couriers, like Fedex and UPS, that don’t deliver to PO boxes. This means a lot of products sold on won’t be delivered to your PO box. Amazon shoppers are encouraged to use General Delivery addresses or their pickup locations to avoid problems.

If you want to learn more about Amazon deliveries and how to receive your packages with or without a PO box, read on…

how to put po box in amazon

Why Won’t Amazon Ship To My PO Box

Amazon uses a lot of independent contractors and private couriers like UPS and Fedex to fulfill their orders. Unfortunately, these companies don’t deliver to PO boxes.

If there is an item on Amazon you’re trying to get delivered to you PO box, and it isn’t going through, it is likely Amazon is using one of these shipping companies to fulfill the order.

Only USPS can deliver to PO boxes. Amazon does partner with USPS which is why some items are deliverable to PO boxes but not all.

USPS charges the best rate for small, lightweight items. However, UPS and Fedex offer Amazon better rates on the heavier packages. By using multiple companies, Amazon is able to take advantage of the best shipping rates available to them.

Customers are able to enjoy the low shipping rates, but it does cause some minor inconveniences when it comes to figuring out what can and cannot be shipped to your PO box.

Note: Amazon Pharmacy does not ship any medications to PO boxes whatsoever. You will need a street address to obtain your meds and no offsite pickups are available for prescription drugs.

How To Write A PO Box Address On Amazon

When filling out your PO box address on Amazon, simply put your PO box in the ‘Address Line 1’ field. Don’t put your street address or anything else. That’s it.

Simply putting your PO box in the shipping address will let Amazon know to ship via USPS if possible.

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