How to delete your Venmo account

How To Delete Your Venmo Account

How to delete your Venmo account

After you successfully delete your Venmo account, all of your transaction history, as well as all of your personal and bank data, will be deleted. You will get a final email showing your entire Venmo transaction history, so if you want to have a record of your Venmo transaction history, be sure to save it.

3 Things You Must Know Before you Delete Your Account on Venmo

Although Venmo has proven to be one of the most efficient and easiest ways to manage your money, some people prefer to take care of their financial information on other platforms.

Luckily, any person who wants to close my Venmo account can make this process just by following a couple of steps that we’ll show you on this page.

But before we get to it, there are some important things you must get to know.

1. You Can’t Recover Your Profile Once You Delete Your Venmo Account

Once you close your Venmo account, you are doing it forever.

You can’t recover a deleted Venmo account, but you can open a new one if you please.

In any case, you could contact Venmo to ask them to reopen your account, but it’s highly unlikely that they will do so.

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